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Your love machine needs a good headset, 6 skills to teach you to identify the sound quality!

We often use the headset, but most people can only judge the quality from the price, and the following six tips to help you more fully determine the sound quality of the headset. This parameter is one of the very important indicators to evaluate the quality of the headset. This parameter is not specific to have a range of numbers, but to see the overall corresponding, such as the headset sounds good sense of balance, the sound never too bright or too dark, high school low-frequency energy distribution, the frequency band fusion naturally smooth, No unexpected and burr. Headphone sensitivity refers to the headphone input 1 milliwatts (mW) power when the headset can sound the sound pressure level, sound pressure level unit is decibel (dB), the greater the sound pressure volume will be greater. Impedance is the impediment to AC. Sensitivity and impedance are to be put together to see, simple to judge, is the higher the sensitivity, the greater the sound, and the smaller the impedance, the easier the headset is driven.

To put it plainly, the resolution of the headset is the ability of the headset to restore detail to the sound. Good headphones, you can hear many details of the beats solo things, such as the friction between hands and strings, breathless sound of human breath, the sound of the touch of lips and so on. It's like the singer singing Beats By Dre On Sale to you in your ear. Good headphones, because the sound is very natural, just as we hear the voice of nature in our daily life, people are not prone to fatigue. There are many criteria to judge whether the earphone is resistant here, such as distortion, high frequency stuffy, harsh, dizziness, etc. are all bad performance. Do you feel like wearing a headset when you are wearing headphones? Good headphones, will let you forget its existence, instruments and vocals came from different directions, a strong sense of the scene. On the other hand, if you always feel that you are wearing a headset and feel the sound coming from your headset, that beats by dre headset is just as normal. In addition to Cheap Beats Headphones the above factors, the headphone material and shape will have an impact on the sound quality of the headset. The material is not the same good headphones, but the material is not good, the headset is definitely not good, you can feel the material by hand before buying headphones.