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Wireless headset technology revolution

In recent years, outdoor sports and indoor fitness gradually popular. Fitness, people often like to listen to some music, in order to adjust the pace Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre of movement or recreation time. But the headset line to become a big movement of the movement, so that people can not "fist", so wireless headphones came into being.

Recently, a wireless headset in Denmark has beats by dre wireless been widely welcomed. Which headphones installed ear hanging after wearing a very strong, even when the movement is not easy to fall off. The headset's life is also very impressive. Charge storage box can be charged for the headset 2 times, plus the headset itself can continue to use the power of 3 hours, a total of about 8 hours of use time, enough to use fitness. In addition, this wireless headset also uses the principle of photoelectricity heart rate monitoring, in the process of real-time monitoring of the user's heart rate changes, so that users can achieve the best sporting effect, and beats solo to avoid excessive movement of the heart beyond the load, protection User life is safe.

Coincidentally, a German wireless headset also has a similar function, you can run, cycling and swimming and other sports do statistics. In the input of the user's basic height and weight information, combined with mobile phone positioning data, the headset can provide the number of steps, movement distance, heart rate and other Beats By Dre On Sale major monitoring data. In addition, its charge storage box is very functional. Put the headset in the storage box, the box through the USB interface and the system can be connected to see the headset itself storage space. Copy the local music files and brush machines and other operations can also be achieved through the storage box. The most amazing is that this headset can use the head position to select the menu, shaking his head can cut songs, nod to answer the phone, shaking his head refused to answer the phone.

A company's wireless headset in the United States is more like a new type of interaction, users simply put the headset in the charging box near the other equipment, can automatically and mobile phones, computers, watches and other match, do not need any manual operation. In addition, there is no headphone line, headphones can be easily lost. In response to this problem, the company set up a variety of recovery programs. If you accidentally lost a headset, you can use an APP to locate it. At the same time, you can let the headphones play specially designed sound, follow the sound can find them. If the above methods do not work, the APP can also prompt the headset last time to connect mobile devices and location, to improve the chance to retrieve the headset.

As Microsoft put the computer on people's tables, Apple put the computer into people's pockets, a company in the United States claimed to put the computer into people's ears. At present the headset is only a kind of accessories, but the future, wireless headset or will bring a new scientific and technological revolution, become an advanced in-ear computer.