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Wireless Bluetooth Headset Sport Running Mobile Universal

As a sport, running like listening to music children hit, see the headset I did not hesitate to apply did not expect actually selected me, Beats Headphones Cheap may be the arrangement of God it ah ha ha ha ha ha! ~ To get this headset I am very excited, it looks very trendy, so this should be a good use, I will look at the appearance and sound effects comparison. Black and red lines with a combination, it looks very simple packaging is nowadays popular simple style, but also presented a headset storage bag cortex, headset storage box, warranty card and instructions, very suitable for the initial use of Bluetooth headset novice! Headset is most afraid of wearing a long ear will be pain, most of the headphones can not fit Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the ear well, especially when the movement can not be a good fit, can not be strong, a move will be out, this headset plug Into the ears can be firmly fixed on the outside of the ear, will not easily fall off. The overall design of the headset is very fit the human body, can be linked to the ear behind the back, to avoid the headphones in the face or other parts of the slide and other issues, using a multi-function wire, the headset with the Apple headset almost no special Very good operation.

In terms of compatibility, whether it is Apple's mobile phone, Andrews mobile phone, ipad are very easy to connect to achieve the sound size control, call connected to hang up control, pause music and other operations, the operation also has a blue prompt light display, very clear , The headphones will be a slight tone. Headset configuration nothing to say, it is easy to drive, the sound is very clear, bass is very mellow, very nice, sounds more than the apple headset feel, the charger is the standard configuration usb interface, you can easily connect the computer or power to charge The Many of the ears of the shape and size are not the same, in order to meet the comfort of most people wear, the perfect design Cheap Beats By Dr Dre so that the headset can be a good fit with the ear. But also to strengthen cheap beats the stability of the wear, set the comfortable sound, convenient, and one, the battery should be part of the control, although not very large, but at least 10 hours to listen to the song that can be continuous 24 hours Music, not so long after the test, but from the hands to now have been fully charged, the effect I have been very satisfied.