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WiFi speakers better, why do you also choose Bluetooth speakers?

In order to spare time to explain their own lack of spare time, I have been considering a period of time ago to buy a small speaker, usually take the phone directly to the sound, it really feel the sound is not fun (and very non-mainstream), so in beats by dr dre the election Bluetooth speakers or WiFi speakers on the issue of tangled up, although the WiFi speakers Beats By Dre On Sale in the function has an absolute advantage, and WiFi speakers are more adapted to the needs of the Internet of things songs, but the author finally chose the Bluetooth speaker, the reason is also very Simple, that is, the use of Bluetooth speakers more convenient, but also in the low price range has a more rich choice. In fact, from the actual use of demand, the Bluetooth speakers have been enough to meet my daily needs, usually just used to play music on the music APP songs, and beats headphones WiFi speakers of some of the features Cheap Beats Headphones for me even become a "pseudo demand" So take into account, and ultimately I chose a relatively more convenient Bluetooth speakers. So what is the difference between the Bluetooth speakers and the WiFi speakers? Today we will talk about this topic together, first of all, or from the difference between the two talk about it Bluetooth speakers work through the built-in Bluetooth chip with mobile phones, tablet PCs and notebooks and other Bluetooth playback devices connected, and then play with their equipment or equipment on the network to collect resources to play, while the WiFi speaker is Through the wireless router, the speaker access to the external network which, and then through the phone, tablet and other devices connected to the speaker, through the Air Play, DLNA and Q Play and other multimedia protocols to push the music to the speaker to play, and this is the two types of speakers In essence, the difference.

Speaking of Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers, we will talk about the transmission quality gap, although according to technical principles, Bluetooth and WiFi are a small range of personal network communications, but from the transmission quality, Bluetooth transmission bandwidth 1-3Mbps, while the WiFi can reach 54-150Mbps, to meet the lossless music, high-definition video transmission needs, and better anti-jamming, with a higher quality audio CODEC, access to better audio indicators. In addition, through WiFi can also achieve "through the wall" to play, so WiFi speakers are also considered more suitable for home use of music playback equipment. From the connection, the Bluetooth speakers use the "point to point" transmission, the advantage is to ensure that there is a good privacy and security, and WiFi in the case of users can easily be disturbed, there is synchronization of music synchronization Happening. However, WiFi speakers also have another advantage, that is, and the Bluetooth speaker "point to point" playback in different ways, WiFi speakers can achieve "one to many" playback, the user can control the different room through the APP speakers to play different music, and thus more Suitable for playing in the home environment, users can meet the different playback and listening needs, and this is one of the advantages of WiFi speakers.