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Why the fever sound out of the low-frequency sound will be very different?

In the professional band, the musicians agreed that low frequency is the basis of music, the band's soul. Low frequency is a very important sound band, no low frequency, or low frequency less, the music to show the content is not complete. Low frequency of human voice, the sound spectrum of the instrument, there are low-frequency components, low or no low frequency, low-frequency sound sounds, feeling the bottom is not solid, the sound has drift feeling. At this time, low-frequency sound should be distorted. Close to listen to the orchestra or listen to the scene in the recording position, drums, bass, bass, baron and other bass instruments, low-frequency sound will be very good, physical, texture, detail, aftertaste. The space position of the bass instrument is also very good. Drum and bass low frequency sound can be separated. The sound of the bass instrument is almost all modified after recording.

Good sound engineer, good recording equipment recorded software, music low frequency and IF, high frequency, like, there is a small distortion. Why the sound of fever out of the low-frequency sound will be a big difference? This from the sound system on the speaker low-frequency control changes, changes in sound to explore.

Why the sound of fever out of the low-frequency sound will be a big difference?

In the audio cable design theory: "sound system in any frequency band, the control beats earphones of the speaker, from small to large continuous change, the sound will be Meng, virtual, real, tight, hard continuous change. Sound any band, The performance of the software is good, the sound is in the middle of the "real." This phenomenon is caused by the characteristics of the speaker. This feature is the sound of the correct tuning of the sound, but also the sound of the correct tuning of the target point.

Full frequency of each frequency, the sound adjustment to the "real" midpoint, which is the real sense of sound system balance. In the Beats By Dre Cheap frequency coordinates, the point even into the line, this line is the sound of the system "real" frequency curve. Different with the sound system, there are different sounds "real" frequency curve. Sound system in their own this frequency curve, the sound of all the listening sense of the evaluation index, can have a good performance. At this time, the difference between different sound system sound, but the difference between equipment grade. Different grades of audio equipment portfolio, the data with a reasonable, full-frequency sound there is the "real" in the middle point.

The Influence of Audio Equipment on Audio Voltage and Current

This argument can be different from the different wire with the sound difference to experience, or do experimental argument. Audio cable design theory also put forward an argument: "audio equipment on the audio voltage, the current amplification function, the actual power amplification. Similar audio equipment on the beats headphones sound of different frequency of audio and audio, audio voltage amplification ratio is slightly different It is this little difference and imbalance, in different audio equipment sound performance, is the sound of the different. There are high frequency floating, sharp, medium frequency thick, thin, low frequency virtual, real, soft, hard and so on Such as the speaker to accept the same audio power, the audio current on the audio voltage ratio is small, the sound of the sound system, the sound of the sound system, The performance is the volume is large, the sound density is small.When the audio current to the audio voltage ratio gradually increases, the volume gradually decreases, the sound density gradually increases.In this process, other hearing sense evaluation index also changes.Although the ratio difference It is very important that the sound system is properly tuned, the sound density should be an important regulation Object.

Sound balance is the sound density balance. This balance, there are two layers of meaning, one, each frequency sound soft and hard balance. Second, the whole sound density balance. Audio equipment and audio wire compared to the wire in the full range of sound, the current control capacity of the size of the voltage ratio, the degree of dispersion of the dispersion is much greater. It seems that this is not a good thing. However, from another point of view, the design, production of good audio wire, after a careful match, for the sound of the correct tuning, play a decisive role.

From another point of view to understand the power cord

For the power cord, may wish to try to understand from another point of view: the audio equipment as a black box, not to consider the machine transformer, rectifier, filter and other links. Only the analysis of the audio signal input, amplification, output, at different frequencies, the need for different amounts of power, mainly the power supply line. In the AC 50HZ sine wave valley, rectified, filtered after the power from the complementary role.

On the signal line, the role of the speaker line

On the signal line, the role of the speaker line is easier to understand, but also the whole frequency, for different frequencies, different amounts of energy to the audio current through the balance control role.

Audio wire at different frequencies have different equivalent impedance, different control. If the sound cable full-frequency current through the same capacity, for the above by the practice of the speaker characteristics, there will be: no matter what wire, high frequency will not have a good sound. It will be a thousand lines soon.

From the audio cable to the audio voltage and audio current control the size ratio of the difference, and the correct adjustment of the sound effect, in the audio system, the audio cable is the current control device. As the speaker speaker unit voice coil has a back electromotive force, its impact can be reflected in the various links of wire, audio wire with Orm's law is difficult to analyze.

About the instrument frequency

Orchestra playing for any music, most of the situation, the sound is less than 30HZ, almost no. Ballroom is very strong "low frequency" between about 60-80HZ, Yanhuang first drum, seven drums sound about 40-55HZ between. Bass minimum frequency is 38.4hz, in all the accompaniment of music, solo, the bass minimum sound is almost impossible. Of course, the organ, piano minimum frequency of 30HZ the following sound, but also Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap rarely used. Hugo a sine wave frequency test disc, there are 25HZ, the frequency of most people ears can not hear. Some enthusiasts said, clearly white voice, I heard, the presence of everyone heard! Yes, this is the system after the non-linear modulation of the frequency, 50HZ.

Speakers have 35HZ below, minus 3 dB low frequency limit, you can better reproduce all the recording software low frequency. Amplifier, CD player, decoder low frequency lower than the speaker is much lower. In this way, sound low-frequency sound to be a good reproduction, audio cable low-frequency integrated control play a decisive role.

Said: audio cable tuning is subtraction, there is less to increase. Based on the power amplifier to be enough to add and subtract, adjust the power margin.

Speaker frequency out of the sound, the audio current and voltage ratio, there are more stringent requirements for the system output, wire combination of both the audio current through a reasonable, but also a reasonable attenuation. What less what to add, what to reduce what, this is the function of the audio cable and the correct tuning of the truth.

Two basic functions of audio cable

Audio cable to have two basic functions, one, there is a real full-frequency audio current balance transmission capacity. Second, have to meet each other with the sound of good complement.

The sound of the sound and the sound of nature, like, low-frequency carrying energy, with the increase in frequency and reduce. In the amplifier and speaker data with reasonable circumstances, the speaker low-frequency sound can be a good reproduction, the conditions are: audio cable combination to have enough low-frequency audio channels, that is, low-frequency control. Low-frequency sound energy, audio cable low-frequency control of the design, production, is a difficult and very important link.

Have suggested that the wall to use seven shares of more than ten square meters of copper, multi-strand line frequency curve to be flat, more than ten square millimeters of copper, energy supply to be plenty of, low-frequency tuning basis is better. Taiwan enthusiasts pay special attention to the sound of low-frequency real reproduction, that the true reproduction of low-frequency sound, good AC power base, to use more than twenty square millimeters of copper. Is justified.

Sound system on the speaker low frequency control hours, speakers have a touch, looming low frequency, then the sound is Meng. Low-frequency control power increases, the speaker low-frequency sound thicker, accounting for a great space for the sound field, when the low-frequency sound is no body, no texture, no positioning, no direction, listening sense seems to be lower than the actual pitch, Feeling low frequency sound from the bottom of the speaker from the turbulent come. At this time the sound is virtual. The system on the speaker low-band control and then increase, the thick sound began to close small, there are density, physical, texture, there is a margin, there is accurate spatial positioning, then the sound is real System on the speaker low-band control and then increase, the low-frequency sound density increases, the body further small, even the rhyme have received the sound of the body. Feeling better spatial separation, listening to the frequency seems to be higher. But it sounds not very comfortable. At that time the sound is tight. No matter the sound Meng, virtual, real, tight, low frequency sound frequency has not changed, but the subjective sense of hearing. And low frequency, the frequency of human voice in the absence of adjustment to the sound "real" in the middle point, the sound is a bit thick feeling, a little fat, mouth becomes larger, a little soft, lack of sound density, no luster, lack of texture. There are many on the IF voice "thick", and female voice "father" and other evaluation, is on this basis. On the equipment with

When the equipment with a reasonable, the sound correct tuning, is the audio cable to complete. When the amplifier output power is less than the speaker rated power, the sound can also correct tuning, but also to complete the audio cable. At this time, the sound has two defects, the volume is large, low, medium frequency sound will become larger, the sound density becomes smaller. Big dynamic, the sound will be more serious cut top distortion. With a small volume to listen to, full-frequency sound will perform well. This top of the roof distortion, analysis of the power amplifier tube characteristic curve, will be very clear.


First, the sound system is the key to correct tuning, is the correct combination of audio cable, there is a full range of audio current balance control.

Second, the sound cable and equipment to be able to speaker full-range sound density are adjusted to the "real" in the middle point.

Third, adjust the sound, the whole sound of the auditory sense of sound performance indicators have a good performance. Low-frequency sound of the body, texture, also have a very good performance, there is accurate spatial positioning.

Many audio wire, low frequency control are owed. Not the production of audio wire manufacturers, but the low-frequency wire design, production and other aspects of the difficulties.