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Why a good headset so expensive?

There are a lot of headphones on the market today, the price is very high, as to why a product will be so high price, most of the products focused on materials, production processes and marketing costs and sales costs and other aspects, so explore a The reasons for the high price of a product can be compared just a few points Xiaobian said. This headset is a penny goods, if only to save costs and beats earbuds shoddy, fool the public, the public will be emotional feedback to the brand, affect the brand's degree of goodwill. For a good headphone, high-quality raw materials to give consumers a satisfactory experience, drive unit, cable, housing, and the shell inside the magnet, packaging technology, these should be done if you are going to Beats By Dre Sale burn of. To give a chestnut, a good headphone magnet than the general headset a lot stronger magnetism, in other words, the stronger the magnetic magnet, the cost will be higher. The manufacturing process and shape of the headset allow consumers to decide whether they want to know a headset, if the inside and outside to make consumers satisfied and pay to buy can be considered successful. The good price of the production process is also a lot of money, a slightly decent headset prices are in more than three digits, if it is a stable quality of the drive unit, sophisticated design

For most people living in the city, headphone noise is a dead end. Excellent sound insulation, not only to prevent the entry of outside noise, but also allows you to feel the dynamic details of the music in a small volume state, and even deep bass echo. So there are many different types of soundproofing available on the market for your choice, traditional rubber, Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones compression earmuffs and three-tier tree ear muffs, which are better depending on your personal preferences, and good headsets are generally equipped with a variety of programs to meet the needs of consumers The cheap beats demand, but also a corresponding increase in costs. Nice headphones will burn a bit more in every way, but for the good of the ears, at least the quality of the music you feel is fantastic. As a headset, the drive unit can determine the quality of the sound, but also give you more wonderful music to enjoy.