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Where is the speaker and the sound different?

When we discuss what to buy when the sound, there is always a small partner warm recommendation "XX brand of speakers good ah." So in the end is the speaker or sound it? The difference between the two is not just a first sound, a second sound so simple. Speaker refers to the box with the speaker unit, there are passive and active points, is the end of the entire audio system, that is the speaker is an integral part of the sound. Give a chestnut, speakers relative to the sound similar to the monitor relative to the computer, is a subordinate relationship. Sound is a more complex set of listening equipment, probably including audio, amplifier, speakers (ie speakers), microphones, display devices. If there is a little more complicated, then some equipment, including beats solo pressure limiters, effects, equalizer, VCD, DVD and so on. We most commonly used is the market of some multimedia speakers, the so-called multimedia speakers is built-in power amplifier passive speakers, also known as active speakers, you can directly connect the audio input signal to play audio. Sound for the average person is too complicated, we only need to understand the speaker on it, and the speaker in addition to active, passive exception, there are multimedia speakers, Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers of the points.

As a speaker, playing music is bound to play, just tell it to listen to the Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap singer or song name, it will automatically play the corresponding track. And as a smart speaker, lunar stone can be connected to hundreds of brands of smart home, as long as a word, the stone can control many indoor intelligent equipment. Miyun's feature is in the small fuselage burst out of the amazing energy, especially the patented audio waveguide technology makes such a look is not large, the unit size is very small equipment can have obvious Beyond its volume of low-frequency texture. Miao Yun's tone relaxed and cheerful, but also in the necessary time "shock" under your body and mind, there is no small increase in the high frequency, IF as always prominent and solid.