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What time to wear headphones when running?

How to choose sports headphones? Buy a sports headset, may be more than the selection of ordinary headphones also need to spend effort, especially the need to focus on sports headset safety, stability, comfort, and sound quality, and so beats solo several dimensions. 1 safety headphones first need to beats earbuds consider is the safety, especially the outdoor run-run runners, sports headphones in addition to the need for external noise have some isolation, but also to avoid sound insulation, so as to avoid accidents. Although the whole head of the sports headset is relatively small, but still choose flat head earplugs or "half ear" sports headphones better. 2 comfortable running time, the body load is naturally the less the better, sports headphones also need to focus on portability, if you bring headphones to make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps through the adjustment to adapt to the headset, then Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap the proposed headphones Under the better. 3 stability beats by dre wireless If you are not strong enough to wear, sweating when the headset easy to fall off, while the need for a solid pull design, to avoid listening to music when running into an unpleasant process.

Running with headphones and HIFI different, the main functional, noise reduction is better, wear to no burden, the key is to be able to waterproof sweat, personally feel that when running, a good headset really can make the whole process Relaxed and happy a lot, on the contrary is not suitable for the headset is a heavy burden.

?In terms of sports headphones, the most important thing is waterproof and sweaty. And this headset is precisely with a super waterproof performance. In addition, -5 锟斤拷 ~ 45 锟斤拷 in the extreme environment can still work properly