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What is rack software? What sound card supports rack?

A misunderstanding:

Rack is just a carrier software, there is no effect on its own, and even the software itself is not called the rack, in fact, called the host software. Rack is just a sound card player, an image of it, then why rack? Popular to talk about is to put the machine shelf, put what machine? Of course, a variety of audio equipment, and do not know my friends on the early nineties of last century, there is no impression of floor-standing audio? A wooden cabinet, which in turn from top to bottom on the record player, radio head, deck, reverb, equalizer and amplifier and other audio facilities, which can be regarded as a rack, of course, this is civil entertainment Equipment, professional rack are metal, shelves have a lot of holes, you can use screws to fix a variety of audio equipment in the rack, professional audio equipment, including pressure limiters, dividers, actuators, effects , Equalizer, feedback suppressor, etc., then what we now call the rack software is like a shelf, through it to load a variety of VST effects plug-in, it can be said that as long as it can be used to load multiple VST plug-in this Class software, we can call it rack software.

The second misunderstanding:

I just said that the rack software itself has no effect, the effect of processing comes from the rack software loaded VST plug-in, and VST effects plug-ins specific how many I also can not say, as in reality, there will be many The same brand of audio equipment, anyway, is a lot of thousands, then the VST plug-in rack load will bring different effects of different, in the end is what kind of plug-in effect is good, And the final effect is the effect of a variety of effects of multiple processing combined effect of different adjustment methods will have different Beats Headphones On Sale effects, but everyone's voice is not the same conditions, so if we even use the same combination of effects, With the same Beats By Dre Sale method of adjustment, the effect is not the same, the real want to have good results or have to rely on their understanding of the plug-in, it may be brought up to their own satisfaction with the results.

The third misunderstanding:

What sound card to use the rack? Rack and sound card connection is connected using ASIO technology, ASIO is a professional sound card driver. Developed by Steinberg Inc. A wide range of PC sound cards are professionally driven. Its full name is Audio Stream Input Output, the direct translation is the meaning of the audio stream input and output interfaces, the use of ASIO technology can reduce the delay of the system audio signal, enhance the processing power of the sound card hardware. Not all sound cards can support ASIO. As mentioned before. ASIO not only defines the drive standard, you must also require the hardware support of beats by dre the main chip sound card can be achieved. Many karaoke enthusiasts, the choice of rack sound is very confused, and debugging on the market more complex and tedious, inflexible operation, to love singing anchor, who brings a lot of trouble. As a K-song senior contenders want to recommend very useful sound card software, super sound card software, free download, a key installation, flexible operation, is a Chinese own rack, from bid farewell to piracy, super sound Male sound card software, sound-rich, you can also build their own sound effects, import sound effects, the effect of heart switch, let you play Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones sound-free K-live broadcast.