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Wear headphones with art

In the era of smart and big data, many emerging smart electronic products often appear on people, but there is no substitute for electronic decoration products. It is a favorite of fashion-conscious people regardless of location and age, That's the headset. Different from the portable in-ear earphones, the sound quality of the earphones tends to give more space to play, and the appearance of the model is more designed. So like to listen to music, boys and girls will choose a headset with their own favorite appearance, and the pursuit of the trend of personality will be more carefully selected a high value of the headset. So for yourself, how to choose a suitable style and style of their own headphones it? We need to solve two problems first. Headphones are suitable for the street? There is no specific classification Not all headphones are suitable for the street, the biggest difference between headphones and in-ear headphones is the headset sound quality sound field better, less portable, so headphones have home, portable , Monitoring, mixing, human record these types. Wear the street with the best general outfit to choose portable headphones.

Headphones is not soundproof effect is not good? Air leakage, and wear a long ear pain In fact, headphone noise effects differ from the degree of openness of the headset, the degree of openness is divided into open, semi-open and closed. Depending on the needs of everyone can choose a different design, to find the package ear or earmuffs and ear buds to wear more comfortable. So, what kind of person what kind of clothing style suitable for what kind of appearance headphones? Here to talk to you. In fact, headsets wear a wide range of brand names, different styles of headset manufacturers different, and the same brand may have different series of different styles, so there are still many choices. If you are not too high on the sound quality of non-Shaoyou, is usually like to listen to music, often like to wear headphones "to enjoy the personal world," more cheerful personality, playful, more glamorous girls. This type of crowd to students are mostly likely to wear and match with the clothing and not too much research, good-looking Beats By Dre Cheap clothes, but the overall style is not obvious, the color is more abundant. Then you need to be able to freely wild, how to wear on the neck are able to integrate into the overall headphone, so that looks more sunshine, more dazzling, the winter will make you feel is wrapped beats by dre studio in a scarf wearing headphones Warm deer.

Fruit is the urban white-collar workers who have to work, perhaps the daily style of clothing will be more compared with their own personality and hobbies, some people like white, the whole body are plain clothes, some people like black, calm and full of style , Mainly dark clothes. Not too publicity, if you are the royal sister or the god of high cold, then the sound quality and color value is good headphone is the preferred, excellent beats headphones sound quality, appearance of the headset can be worn with a variety of styles to let you Different, you can cater to Cheap Beats Headphones your own music taste and clothing with the street, to create a high value, but also make people feel the appeal of music, if you like to listen to music and beauty, you can be a suitable for their own head and Headphones to buy back, out of the street travel can be carried as a gift is equally suitable.