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This year's dark circles audio circles, how much do you know about true wireless Bluetooth?

Headphones is Cheap Beats Headphones a good choice. Regardless of whether the geographical differences, but in recent years, we can indeed see many of my friends will be regarded as a headset just need to choose their favorite style, the pursuit of their desired quality. Bluetooth headset because of its structural advantages, combined with the young people now use headphones for a long time scene characteristics, by the young consumers of widespread concern. Under the promotional campaign of major e-commerce platforms, estimates of consumers who are increasingly in material need are also puzzled. However, many of my friends want to buy a "wireless headset", in fact, is not really wireless headphones. Head-mounted true wireless headphones perhaps everyone is accustomed to, but in-ear, the so-called "true wireless headset" may still some friends will feel puzzled, this "Bluetooth headset" and "wireless headset" What is the difference? Many of my friends will say that many Bluetooth headsets are wireless, but the traditional in-ear Bluetooth headset on both sides of the unit or a cable for audio signal transmission. That is, units on either side of the in-ear Bluetooth headset with cable work simultaneously, much like a Bluetooth speaker, and in-ear Bluetooth headsets can be cabled to make Cheap Beats Headphones both ears stably and synchronously make sounds, but only Eliminate this line of headphones and audio only.

True wireless Bluetooth headset will be the main and auxiliary headphone respectively, connecting the need to launch equipment (cell phones, tablet PCs, Bluetooth music player with a Bluetooth output, etc.) first connected with the main headphone to determine the connection and then connect with the second headphone, After the connection is completed to work properly. In other words, compared to the traditional "wireless headset", true wireless headset connection is not only the signal transmission between the headset and signal transmitting equipment, there is also a wireless connection between the main and auxiliary headphones. Compared to the traditional "wireless headphones", the structure of the true wireless earphone is more complicated, the transmission requirements are high, the power consumption is greater, and the influence of these elements on the final sound effect is more obvious. The general phenomenon is that the true wireless earphone will have a better sound quality than the Bluetooth Headset slightly worse. Since there are many disruptive factors, why do true wireless headphones? The traditional in-ear Bluetooth earphones all have a wire connection, which makes them even though they have got rid of the physical connection with the sound source. However, the wire between the two earphones still brings some interference when worn, Typical example: Cheap Beats Headphones Especially in sports and other physical exercise needs, the traditional Bluetooth headset has not been able to handle the "auscultation effect." Of course, not limited to this, another less in the middle of this line, for the gameplay and user freedom, etc., true wireless headphones for this part of the experience will bring significant improvement.

If so, I believe there will be many manufacturers will follow-up launch TWS products. Markets that are more interested in this product form may be in foreign countries, perhaps crooked Naren more emphasis on exercise, more exercise time and opportunity, right? However, as Xiaobian mentioned above, the true wireless headset to make comparable to the original in-ear Bluetooth headset effect, to face the problem really is not so good solution. Popular in the audio circle with a sentence, "Play HiFi to play electric." "Electricity" for Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale Bluetooth headset, not only related to the battery life, but also means that it can provide enough power to support the normal operation of the internal circuit. True wireless headphones in addition to the original signal receiving module and decoding amplification part, as well as the connection between the main and auxiliary headphones circuit. Three parts work at the same time, the requirements for the battery also increased accordingly. So we can see the current wireless headset single life time will not be too long, most of which is about two hours, and basic with the battery containing the storage box to use, in order to ensure adequate life time. In general, the existing Bluetooth transmission norms still fail to meet the bandwidth requirements of transmission stability and lossless music transmission. When the use of Bluetooth 5.0 specification chipset popularity, the corresponding component prices lower, true wireless headset to kill the market first-line life. When this happens, if the stagnant civilian battery market is still a long time can get a major breakthrough, the real wireless headset naturally more powerful.