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The reason why the headset has noise (current sound) How to adjust the noise of the headset

When we use computer headphones, we often encounter murmurs and rustling sounds. Try to use this headset with two more computers to check whether it is the headset itself or the computer.

1, the computer did not beats solo clean up in time, accumulated too much system waste, the computer reflects the slow, should promptly clean up the computer system garbage and antivirus.

2. Damage to the headset. Compare the headset to other headsets or computers. Replace the headset if necessary.

3, the computer has static electricity, but also the main reason. You touch the iron part of the computer case with your hand. If the current disappears, you put a piece of copper wire. One end is connected to the screw on the back of the computer, and the other end is grounded. Excellent results.

4, your microphone is in a strengthened state.

Solution: Strengthen the microphone. Because some sound cards do not support it.

5, see if there is no thing with magnetic field and sound wave around you.

Solution: Take appliances with magnetic fields (eg mobile beats by dre studio phones, fans removed).

6. When you are talking to a friend, an abnormal sound occurs in the chat room.

Solution: Please Beats By Dre On Sale note that whether or not any of you open the speaker or open the speaker. If so, please turn it off. (Use the speaker must pay attention to the placement of the speaker, do not face the microphone). In addition, either side of the firewall on both parties is set too high (including LAN users, Internet cafe users), and different broadband cheap beats users (such as Telecom and Netcom) will have some voice problems.

7. When Mike does not open the tone, he will whisper. If he strengthens himself, there will be a great current noise and noisiness.

Solution: Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices - Voice - Recording - - - - - Volume maximum.