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The original "test" headset test is the 6 sense!

In the game is very focused on the spot, that is, Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale we play the game, as if immersive feeling. Help us to fight passionately! Each type of music has its suitable reverberation sense, when the music recording production selection of the appropriate reverberation, headphones to do is to accurately express this feeling, so as to rebuild the appropriate size of the sense of space. When the human ear receives the sound, it will be constructed by the brain to hear the virtual "image", we call the sound image. Sound to reach the left and right ears of the time is different, this is our important position to determine the sound position. In the fierce battle of the game, listen to the disc, fire analysis, requiring one step in place, then the sound field positioning becomes particularly important. Reflect the headset is full of bass, solid midrange or bright treble, can be a layer to be displayed. At a particular moment, only one voice is the protagonist, while the other sound as a background set off, which the frequency response of the headset response requirements are higher.

Whether the three-frequency balance directly affect the player's gaming experience. When the frequency response of the Cheap Beats Headphones headset lack of low frequency, the dive Beats By Dre On Sale is not deep enough, it sounds like the sound is very dry and weak, the lack of it should be heavy. The clarity of the headset is similar to that of a picture, and a good headset should also be able to reproduce the details of the sound. High-definition headphones, the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre game in the shock of the blasting sound, light footsteps, weak breath can be clearly captured, lips and teeth are finished. When the headset low frequency too much, and the high frequency is insufficient, it will affect the clarity of the sound. The brightness of the sound mainly reflects the performance of the high-frequency headphones, music, if the lack of high-frequency headphones, it sounds like being enclosed in the same box, muffled, can not open or get out. And good headphones is that the "box" removed, all the sound was released, more bright, more penetrating.