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The fastest way to detect headphones or not, do not you look at it?

Headset structure is very simple are wiring, there is no technical content! beats by dre studio Some small problems themselves are easy to get, simply move hands can. Suoya headset manufacturers such as universal headset plug of the ground off the welding, plug the loose did not operate well, inserted too tight brass to bring out the needle, most of the headphones are such a connection problem, these Readily recover or re-operation can be. You can easily get it, will not waste material. First, look at resistance:

1. First turn the multimeter into the interrupted file (drop. Drop. Can Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale pronounce).

2. A pen to catch the headset of the ground, another table pen, respectively, touch the two speaker channel line. And observe the resistance display.

3. The horn resistance is generally 20 ohms and 30 ohms is the normal range.

4. Judgment is good or bad! Soya headset manufacturers introduced no sound issued, and the resistance is too small, such as less cheap beats than 10 Europe. This shows that the speaker has a problem or is connected to the speaker headset line broken.

5. solve! The speaker is broken a horn, not bad to see the microphone inside the connection line or other parts of the connection off?

Second, listen to the sound: This method can and see resistance at the same time.

1. Take two headphones separately.

2. With a multimeter to contact the speaker beats solo channel line, can hear the drop .. drop the sound? Hear the sound of the proof headphones normal, no sound is issued by the speaker is broken or broken off.

3. Line is generally broken plug terminal soldering, or the microphone shell in the connection line broken.

Third, the direct detection of speakers.

Put the trumpet buckle out, with a multimeter point to live positive and negative resistance on the line. No problem to see where the line is not connected on the line.