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Technology determines the quality of headphones

Did you know that the headphones we use beats by dre frequently in our daily life are one of the most likely electronic products that suffer from shrinking quality, especially in the low-end and mid-range earphone brands? Shrinking quality, affecting the use of feelings and user experience. Such low-end products, the sound quality is almost entirely dependent on the quality of the speaker, so the fuselage material is the product of the biggest cost. In order to reduce production costs, almost all the current headphones are made of plastic. Engineering Plastics is a kind of special plastic that can meet the needs of industrial use. Compared with ordinary Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones plastic, it has the characteristics of high strength, high setting ability and high melting point. It can even replace metal in many modern industrial applications and is an ideal earphone Shell material. However, the cost of engineering plastic is very high. At present, the price per kilogram of engineering plastic raw materials ranges from about 20 to 100. Therefore, in order to reduce the Beats By Dre Cheap production cost, many headphone manufacturers have started playing the idea of ??ordinary chemical plastic. Ordinary plastic material in the plastic is far from satisfied with the precision abrasive design needs, so the body will often appear on the details of the humble mistake, such as "wide" body gap, poor plastic feel, and ultimately lead to product weak quality.

Therefore, for a low-end headphones, get the product the first time, we should carefully examine the body material, which is to determine the quality of headphones, cheap beats a key indicator of manufacturing costs, engineering plastics material, fine surface treatment, A solid touch feel, is the first guarantee for the reliability of the quality of the headset for mainstream users.

If the body material determines the quality of the headset, then the headset material determines the wearing comfort of the headset. Earmuffs are the parts of the earphone that are in direct contact with the user's head and are also the key points for obtaining the supporting force of the earphone. Therefore, the earmuff material is also an important aspect of judging the advantages and disadvantages of a headphone.

Excellent earmuff material, the touch is light or natural, or wide stretch, but should not have dry, strong feeling of pressure, when you are in contact with a headset, you should also pay attention to wear comfort from this point evaluation.

In recent years, with the popularity of mobile phones, MP3 and other entertainment devices, the headphone market has developed rapidly, and entry-level headsets on the headphone market are dazzling. In this case, the industry gradually appeared some unhealthy phenomenon, and some headphones are not even sold headphones brand, a variety of headphones cottage phenomenon has also been reported. Therefore, when users buy headphones, but also pay more attention to the quality of the fuselage and workmanship, and ultimately choose a pair of their own satisfaction headphones.