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Talk about the audio line design, one of the four elements are not less!

Most of the video cables are only connected between two adjacent devices, at such a short distance, there seems to be a lot of problems to consider. However, in a perfect video system, these video equipment even in every corner of the building, transmission cable has become a crucial factor, and what factors of transmission cable will most directly affect the final effect of the video signal? And listen to my analysis. Wire refers to the cable center for the transmission of electronic conductors, the most commonly used material is Beats Headphones On Sale copper. The wire structure is divided into two types: single cable and multiple cable combinations, single cable structure is easy to shape, but the protection of the outer and the insulation is relatively hard, so there is no even to flexible. Multiple cables are twisted by many small diameter cables, increasing the flexibility of the cable. It is generally believed that the transmission quality of a single cable is better than that of multiple combinations. Shielded wire in the cable in the wire and the dielectric tightly surrounded, played two roles, one as the signal of the public ground for the signal to provide current loop. Second, as a signal shielding network to suppress Beats Headphones Cheap the interference of electromagnetic beats by dr dre noise on the signal, shielding the structure of the network to the most common metal weaving and tin foil, metal braided wire than the tin foil with a lower DC impedance, but the shielding rate of electromagnetic interference is only 90% , Tin foil on the electromagnetic interference shielding rate of up to 100%. So, I Division of the audio line will take metal braid and tin foil double shield structure, can be more effective to improve the signal to noise ratio.

Insulation is a layer of all the components inside the cable to protect the outside, is susceptible to temperature, chemicals, liquids and sunlight, so the insulation must be in accordance with the use of the environment to design. Seemingly entry simple cable, never expected to be cable, each step of Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones the design needs to be based on the customer's own requirements and the use of environmental production. From the signal transmission to the connection equipment to use, each of the selection is very important. Related to the interference in the signal transmission process, in this regard, we have more than 10 years of rich cable communication theory and experience; according to customer requirements and product use environment to design a complete solution.