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Speakers Headphones Getting started with the ideal headphones

Different sound principle, different materials, different diaphragm, different structural design, etc., are designed to design an ideal headset, ideal headphones should have what conditions? In short, the most idealized The headset is not present, this is a false proposition. Absolute perfect design, probably Beats Headphones Cheap is the Matrix as behind a needle. Discuss the significance of this topic is to establish a peaceful consumer mentality, enhance anti-flicker ability. To understand the different advantages and disadvantages of different headphones, can effectively prevent the wallet side leakage. The most ideal headset does not exist, it means that the advantages of each headset will have a shortcomings, gains must be lost, which in the headset consumption But also the truth, and not because you spend thousands of dollars and change. Do not be propagated flicker. Many products of publicity, the phenomenon of virtual standard parameters prevalent, headset parameters have become the most typical case without reference. Copy of the XX technology that is good, XX coating how many cattle, but this is basically the advantage of amplification, the shortcomings never mention, kept hinting that this is the best headset. Typical rhetoric is XX coating can Will be distorted To the minimum level, in fact, most of this argument does not fly, this time, it should go to check the information, to see what happens.For many rookie, the official information does not trust do not understand, Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre but for the price, strong The role of the psychological implication is very obvious, businesses are also willing to instill a penny of goods consumption concept, the more expensive the more perfect the more ideal to use this view of marketing more and more, so we found a lot of wonderful work Products, the price of a few thousand dollars may not be as low-end goods.Even if there is no trap to induce consumption, technically speaking, the top of the dynamic circle has its problems, the best static headphones, there will be its shortcomings , There are short-term units, there are many units have difficult to overcome the technical barriers, and they do not matter how much money to sell, selling 10,000 shortcomings exist, selling 50,000, the shortcomings will still exist. You need to understand these shortcomings. To stop consumption, but more calm consumption, which is critical.

The existing technology can do is to mitigate the negative effects of shortcomings, such as the development of various composite materials, coating to reduce the vibration of the division, or add "MSG" cover, such as artificially changing the sound style, these are generally It is a vague indicator of the strength of the manufacturers, but also a place where it is easy to produce metaphysical point of view, "master tuning" into one of the common means of flicker. In fact, the "magic" "Taste" is part of the intention, but also there is a last resort, "taste" is not completely controllable, should be calmly. Calmly look at high-end goods, is to defend the renminbi because of the real performance, publicity Of the guidance, psychological hints, it is easy to make people impulsive, especially when listening to good headphones, it is easy because of its excellent performance to ignore its lack of side, we have also been to some physical store experience, the clerk that beats by dre wireless personal promotion, impulse Some difficult to control.When listening to the enraptured to buy back and some regret the case is actually a lot, so calm is very important, cherish the money, everyone is responsible.

The most ideal headset can never be designed, but the effort to design a better headset goal never gave up. Over the years, material science and technology has made great progress, greatly promoting the diaphragm design update, we can With a relatively low cost to get a better headset, another layer of meaning is that the new technology can also be the best performance of the headset to get closer to the "idealized" level. All headset design, there is an era background , Now the overall level of headphones better than 10 years ago, 20 years ago, it will not have to pass, the so-called tomorrow technology, today is not possible to enjoy in the headset industry, it is difficult to leapfrog progress, those " Revolutionary "XX are not trustworthy, at least need to make a question mark. Do not use the chip industry to speed up the requirements of the headset industry, the headset industry as a whole can progress has been good.