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Speaker is not to force? Try changing the tube

Do you feel the tone of the speaker is a bit weak? Sound strange? Maybe it's time to replace beats solo your speaker with a brand new tube. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have to have a tube speaker ... anything will be bad for a long time, nothing in the world is forever, even the better tube will be a problem. So, when you are tangled in why your speakers are not as good as they used to be, you have to ask yourself when was the last time they replaced the tube? There are three main types of tubes - not all tube loudspeakers are suitable for all three tube types; instead they need to be chosen according to the design of the loudspeaker. A true tube loudspeaker will have tubes installed on both the front and power amps, and may also include tube rectifiers or solid-state rectifiers. Let's take a look at some of the commonly used tubes and some precautions. After the tube will be gradually damaged as time goes by. Unlike the previous tube, power tube changes are obvious. If you are using a tube loudspeaker for a long time, try changing the rear tube to make it easy to see how it sounds better. Unlike the previous tube, the replacement of the rear tube will come easier and need to be adjusted after replacement to check for bias.

Rectifier Tube This tube converts alternating current from the outside to the direct current required for the speaker. Without a rectifier, your speakers will not even start, no sound, no lights, nothing to talk about. If your speakers have power problems, you may need to check fuses and rectifiers. In most cases, if you feel the tubes leak, then they need to be replaced. Rectifier tube size is relatively large, similar to the post-stage tube. If you look from the back of the speaker, it will usually be on the left side of the speaker, similar to the position of the power tube. Rectifier tubes are usually used in low-wattage speakers (less than 50W), while high-power speakers usually use solid-state rectifiers. Although speakers with rectifier tubes do not differ so much Beats By Dre Cheap in tone, they still provide a different "feel" to the tone, which makes the notes more "aggressive," but not at all Too obvious.

In general, the speakers have a very noticeable reaction to problems with the rectifier. However, before the tube and power tube it? Before the two Beats Headphones On Sale tubes are completely damaged, beats by dre studio they do not react so much, but they produce some subtle signs of wear and affect your tone. Normal front stage tubes begin to produce noise (eg crackling, hissing and buzzing) or other speaker problems before they are completely damaged. Choosing a tube that has a good reputation and replacing the tube with a "suspect" is one of the most common ways to solve the problem. At this moment, you only need to turn off the power of the speaker, and unplug the power plug, keep in mind that the tube is very hot! We can wait until they are completely cool down or wear oven gloves to operate. Another method of detection requires that the speaker be powered on and the speaker is turned to a suitable level, and then the former tube is gently tapped with the eraser with a pencil, and the tube is like a microphone If you can hear the tube making a hollow sound through the speaker or a "pop" sound and any kind of unpleasantly crackling or squealing noises, prove that the tube needs to be replaced. In general, front-stage tubes can be replaced one at a time without the need to replace them all at once.

Posterior tubes are like strings in a car's tires or guitars, and when you're just using them, they're out of bounds. But as time goes on, their life expectancy becomes shorter and shorter. I have some really old, honest speakers, even though they are still using factory-installed tubes, but they still sound great, and some speakers need to be replaced after one year of use. If your speakers lack the impact, the sound is slack, or the bass part of the weak, then it is likely you need to replace it with a new set of tubes. The tube can be depleted and contaminated over time. If you change a whole new set of power tubes, you can easily hear the big difference between the front and rear timbres. If you play often, then you better buy a complete set of tubes as a replacement. When using the speakers for the first time, check them first to make sure they are working properly and keep them in a safe place. If you are not bothered, using a built-in padded safe deposit box during the tour is a good choice and the spare tubes are also on hand. You never know which of these devices will have problems on that day, so having some spares with you is a very good option.