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Sound quality style of achievement, the effect of winning or losing success or failure

We all know: sound quality is the quality of the bar sound, but also the sound system level grade one of the most important indicators, then the "effect" refers to what?

In general, the "effect" referred to here is not simply a "effect" consisting of reverb, delay, and echo, where the "effect" refers to the sound quality of the sound of the sound of the bar sound at the scene, The feeling of music actually felt. If it is a bar sound, then in addition to the music to listen to the feeling, have to add a singing of the Beats By Dre Cheap natural degree of ease.

Sound is a set of sound of the bar sound, like the soul of the same, although invisible, but it can affect people's behavior. It is born, not easy for the day after tomorrow's debugging and change. The effect is relatively clear image of some, such as people's clothes, as if to see tangible, useful, really exist, and can be the day after tomorrow's will to change at any time.

Sound quality is the sound of the sound of the bar, the sound of the background, some people call it "the sound of the foundation" (sound). This sound feature is the scene decoration can affect but can not fundamentally change. Sound quality is "innate", decoration and sound field built sound technology, practical on-site tuning technology is "acquired". Sound quality is like a person looks Peugeot, beautiful, even if there is no good clothes to wear, looks ugly ugly; contrary sound quality is like a person looks ugly, even if wearing a decent leader of clothing Will not get pretty. For example: sound quality "clean", "structured", "flexible", "rich details" of these items, that is, the scene of the day tuning technology can not change the characteristics of these indicators are high-quality sound system " To "style quality, low-end bar sound basically can not be achieved.

In practice, people of the day after the tuning technology and decoration can affect the practical effects of bar audio. For example: like subwoofer low tuner in the tuning to enhance the energy of the ultra-low frequency to make it feel more low sink; like the midrange rounded bright tuner will highlight some of the midrange band. Like the sound "clear show" tuner may be slightly in the low frequency and enhance the treble or treble area, so that the sound is more clear. Sometimes, the practical effect of sound and singing is not necessarily the intention of the tuner. It may be the investment person in charge of the preferred orientation, which is the effect can be changed for the day after the change.

Although the effect of the success or failure of the business, but when the entertainment city in the purchase of bar audio, the choice of sound quality must be placed in one. Because the sound quality of the bar sound is "innate" conditions, the sound quality of the bar sound even if the good technician (tuner) to tune, its sound quality can not be changed, even if the change is "quantity" changes, not "Quality" change, like a person of nature dull, even repeatedly listen to the high quality beats by dr dre of the master of the big reason, he may not be able to resuscitate the same, so the choice of the bar sound quality of the venue determines the style and style, and for the future can be transferred Good effect laid the foundation, it will be successful - half.

Sound quality if congenitally deficient, purely by the scene tuning technology "acquired hate", the practical effect will not be good where to go. The impact of the sound quality of the bar sound system is the most important component of sound equipment - speakers, the most prone to problems, the stability of the system is also a bar speaker. So the sound quality should start from the bar speakers, if the bar speaker quality is good, the sound quality is natural, the sound is also balanced, good speakers with power amplifier and the front level, the microphone is very easy, poor speakers with power amplifier, It is difficult. Practical bar sound effects are composed of many elements, both the impact of hardware, such as: decoration materials and patterns, audio mix, pre-function, speaker placement and the impact of the source of the curriculum; also have the impact of software , Such as: managers or bosses to enjoy the habits, preferences, tuning the technical level and appreciation of preferences and feelings and so on.

In combination, sound quality and effect are equally important, but good sound quality is the prerequisite for success. Can not be selected to the sound quality of the bar sound is the investment side of the relevant appreciation of the ability and level of the embodiment, but pick the sound quality (good sound), the good sound can play a good bar sound practical effect, it is the investor There is no election to the people (the specific implementation of the design and Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre installation of debugging works of audio companies and tuners).

If you buy a good bar sound, but find a technology in general, the understanding of the sound of a little knowledge, or listen to singing preferences and their engineering staff to install the debugging sound, then the final practical effect will be disappointing of.

Good bar sound is very important, but the technology clearance, unique concept, high level of knowledge, experienced sound engineering and technical personnel and tuner is also very important. So the election of the bar audio equipment and the election of the same important people, because it is - a combination of technology and art of special projects, only equipment and people are selected, can be more effective,