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Sound maintenance nine tips to help improve sound quality

Sound in the course of the use will inevitably be damaged, so that the sound quality is damaged, so the use of sound, we must master some maintenance tips, so as to make their own sound forever new. Here we together to learn the sound of nine tips, so that the sound quality is always as new. Method one: every six months to fully clean the contacts once

We all know that the metal exposed to the air soon, the surface will be oxidation, loss of luster, become dull. Even if the signal line plug surface after gold-plated treatment, has been difficult to oxidize, and body plugs have close contact, but the days of a long time, there will still be a certain degree of oxidation lead to poor contact, so up to six months to clean up once. As long as the stained with cotton coated with alcohol can be a touch, and after doing this heavy husband, you can make contact contact better contact, the sound also will be clear and transparent.

Method two: clean CD player laser head

Obviously the laser head is only a small area, but it depends on it to read the CD on the mark, so the plug as long as the adhesion of very little dust are enough to affect the read signal fineness. Although the CD machine has a large sealed body, but do not forget to often dish into the dish in the process there is a gap to take advantage of dust, for some time down, the surface of the record will certainly leave more or less dust, which When you have to unscrew the lid screws, open the lid directly with cotton bar on the point of alcohol cleaning. There are a variety of cleaning CD discs on the market, but you spend tens of dollars, the so-called wash CD discs may only rely beats earbuds on a row of brush to sweep away the dust or the use of suede and so on to turn to dust, the effect is not directly With cotton stick thoroughly. When you have not shaved the long time after the cleaning machine is finished, then listen to the people will have a layer of yarn opened the feeling, and high-frequency reply to the old clear, the details also more. The steps to clean the head should be done once a year, even if you use Pioneer's reverse turntable system (the laser head is down rather than up), the dust will still be attracted by the electrostatic attraction of the head, This time still can not save the province.

Method 3: try to avoid machine stack machine

Based on environmental problems and the equipment should be stacked up to the original helpless, to the conditions, it should be the most important source of the CD and the sound of some of the independent release, because the overlap will lead to resonance and affect the machine. When the speaker to play music, the vibration of the air to make the equipment to follow the vibration, the two machines will be stacked each other will be preaching earthquake, so that the music in the fine information blurred, and interfere with the transmission of the band, resulting in a voice pollution , As well as one of the CD machine, play the disc itself when the motor and turn the intensity of the resonance, the greater the impact. So the equipment should be placed on a solid stand alone.

Method 4: split power supply and host, mono to maintain the distance between the level

Today, even a lot of the price in the forefront of a box of the size of the sub-power supply, simply the AC adapter and the host is divided into two parts, the benefits of the machine can naturally be parts and the combination of AC adapter may cause interference isolation. If the split power supply placed in the next level, it is a bit of meaning, and quickly away from the front, such as on another layer of the rack, real-time can hear the overall degree of the diaphragm has improved, Audio and beats earphones video will be accurate. Mono is also the post-class, conditional two pieces of equipment placed separately to ensure that the benefits of harmless

Method 5: abolish the CD player adjustable volume output

Many single CD players are equipped with adjustable volume output, in order to use the remote control to control the volume, if you do not need this adjustable output case, it can be destroyed it, and even the front of the headphone output Device, in the case of no need can also be abolished. These two sets of signal output is divided by the main signal, once abolished, only a set of fixed volume output will not have a thin signal output energy, the sound will be more solid, the force is better than before. To cancel the two sets of output method is not complicated, as long as the open cover, pumping the machine can be connected to the cable.

Method 6: less interference the more beautiful sound

Indoor household appliances and computers should avoid sharing a set of power with the sound, even if you want to put together from other places to get power. Followed by the wiring entangled together will make the line and the line between each other to absorb noise damage sound quality. Whether it is equipment or cable, should remain free from other electrical or power cord interference.

Method seven: speaker placement

Speaker is placed in the sound of an important part of the ring is not easy to make playback effect greatly reduced. How to find a better place in the room quite test Kung Fu, in addition to constantly listening carefully to the different placement of the effect, you can also ask the relevant experts to guide.

Method 8: dark environment to help listen to the effect

Off the light to listen to music is a customary problem, can be said to talk with the playback, but in the dark environment, the ear will be particularly sensitive, and reduce the visual obstacles, the sound screen reorganization and musical instruments The sense of location will be particularly clear and clear, the atmosphere is good and open when the lights are quite far beats by dr dre away, you can also use some other relatively dark beats earbuds lights to create listening atmosphere.

Method 9: Sound absorption

In the general family environment, the furniture debris is already a good sound-absorbing material, no need to do more complicated sound, shop a carpet has a basic sound enhancement effect. Plus the benefit of the carpet is to reduce the reflection of the floor sound, to avoid mixing the sound coming from the front caused by turbidity, want to know their own room need to add the carpet, shop on the ground test sound changes will know. Horn distance from the back of the wall too close, you can also consider adding a tapestry to increase the sound absorption effect, but should pay attention to not too large, or even ultra-high frequency also suck. In addition, the room glass and mirror will have a strong reflection of the sound effect, need to use curtains to cover up to solve the problem. Asked high friends may wish to point in the corner and the indoor sound reflection point to do more sound-absorbing effort, but pay attention to the sound can not be too much, the amount of reflection is to help the sound loud and lively.