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Some notes about attendant headsets

The correct way to wear:

A. Wear the beats by dre wireless headphone hoop vertically on the head;

B. The earphone should be closely attached to the pinna;

C. Do not press the beats by dre studio T-shaped plate on the other side of the ear;

D. The microphone of a normal headset should be approximately 1.5 cm from the mouth;

E. The voice tube air intake of the sound guide tube should be approximately 1.5 cm from the mouth;

When using a traffic headset

A. The operator headset is relatively easy to damage with respect to the traffic box beats earphones and should not be used continuously all day long. Therefore, it is recommended that each attendant be equipped with a traffic headset. This can extend the service life of the headset; improve the awareness of the operator to protect the headset; single use is more hygienic.

B. Do not rotate the call tube frequently. This will easily lead to beats by dre wireless the damage of the rotary arm in the part where the call tube and the horn are connected. As a result, the microphone cable in the rotary arm is broken and cannot be sent.

C. Lightly hang the headset on the bracket of the phone box after each use to extend the life of the headset.

If you wear headphones for a long time to amplify the volume and listen to music, or if you stay in the noise zone for a long time, you may make your ears sick. More rest is the best protection for the ears. Regarding the maintenance of the ear, experts recommend that the majority of operators, if the conditions permit, often take the time to rest, appropriate to do ear massage to ease the pressure.