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Remember the three tips to extend headphone life

So how to do to extend the life of headphones? In fact, just remember the three tips. Remember to hold the headphone plug unplug Beats By Dre On Sale the headset, do not pull the headphone cable; In addition to the headset to avoid using one hand to unplug the headset plug; Headphone disconnection reason is often over the subway gate or tie the head when the headphone cable , It is recommended that you use the headset clip or winder. Carrying out the streets is best to use hard case protection, because the soft bag is always protective in general, can not withstand external pressure. In addition, when falling rain or sweating more time, it is best beats by dre studio to go home to wipe the headphones with a dry towel on the water, then wet wipes, and then to be dry before being put back into the protection box.

As the upper part of the headphone cord will stick to the face, will naturally be stained with facial oil, Cheap Beats By Dre if not regularly cleaned, the body will be hard on the line for a long time under the soft, it is recommended at least once a week with a wet Cheap Beats By Dr Dre tissue cleaning; summer comparison Love sweating, ear cotton use about two weeks to one month to be replaced, otherwise it is possible to produce cerumen along the catheter into the unit, if the unit is oil can cause can not sound, regular replacement of ear cotton, clean headset line is Very important.