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Problems with the computer headset

There are differences between computer headsets and ordinary headsets. What problems should we beats by dre Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones cheap pay attention to when using computer headsets?

1, try not to use headphones in heavy rain, the industrialization of the current social rain there is a lot of sulfur, so that the acid in the rain may make the earphone cable premature aging, or even damage.

2. When we are using earphones or earphones, we should never pull hard and hard, this will damage the earphone and may also hurt our ears. Please operate with caution.

3, after the headset can not be used after the "roll" in the player, should be placed in the box or bag matching headphones. If it is a headset, it can be stored using a CD-sized bag, which, to some extent, also prevents the headphone casing from being scratched.

4, for activities such as walking, cycling and other sports, users can wear ordinary ear headphones. Remember to get an earplug on the earbuds to prevent the earphone rubber from aging.

5, full use Cheap Beats By Dr Dre of the headset brand with accessories, such as reel, some headphones are equipped with a very long line (3 meters), when you do not need to use a long line can be used to roll up the headset with a reel.