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Performance requirements for speaker frequency divider capacitance components

Crossover networks are an important part of a combined loudspeaker, but the components used by the crossover network will result in difficulties in adjusting the characteristics and the difference in sound quality due to the loss or distortion of the coil or capacitor The High-fidelity loudspeaker systems (loudspeakers) used in crossover network elements must be carefully selected components.

The capacitance of the speaker frequency system requires the following performance:

(1). Loss is low

In order to obtain the correct cut-off characteristic and to make the loss in the passband small, it is necessary to use components having a series resistance component and a small cheap beats leakage current.

(2). The pressure and current capacity should be sufficient

Impedance 8 ohm input power 10OW level of the speaker, DC voltage as 100V or so is enough. However, for the frequency division network, when the audio current flows from the capacitor, no matter how high the DC voltage, the current capacity of the capacitor will be small and damaged. In order to make the current capacity large, need to use low loss and heat capacity, heat dissipation performance of large capacitors.

(3). Capacitance, loss and charge adhesion characteristics and other electrical properties to be stable

When the capacitance characteristic changes, the signal added to the loudspeaker will be distorted, and the capacitance with stable insulation characteristics and structure, which does not change with the applied voltage, frequency and temperature, must be used.

(4). No induction type components

This is an important condition Beats Headphones Cheap for obtaining proper cut-off characteristics and excellent transient characteristics.

However, the frequency division network must be a large capacity capacitor, must beats earphones also be wound type, and its lead must be removed as shown in Figure (a) below. The structure shown in Fig. (B) is an inductive component, so as not to be good.

(5). Beats By Dre Sale The capacitance error should be small

The capacitance of the capacitor directly affects the output sound pressure frequency characteristics and phase characteristics of the loudspeaker system, so it is necessary to use the capacitor with accurate capacitance. For example, a filter having a 12 dB / octave attenuation characteristic has a frequency variation and an attenuation coefficient that is inversely proportional to 1 / root C. Usually use the error is plus or minus 10% of the capacitor.

The capacitance used to divide the network, in the audible band and at the lower frequency, should use high-precision pure capacitors, so the insulation between the electrodes should be excellent dielectric.