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On the Structure and Principle of Musical Fountain Sound System

Analysis of music fountain sound system structure and principle:

?First, the music fountain expert controller structure

Music fountain expert controller is the core of the musical fountain, it is mainly composed of the following parts: 1, music feature recognition and information processing

To achieve the extraction of music information and processing, to provide a basis for control decisions. It mainly includes extracting the music characteristic information of the dynamic process, identifying the characteristic state of the system, and processing the necessary information of the music characteristic information.

2, knowledge base

Which is used to store the fountain basic motion data reflecting the music characteristic information.

3, reasoning machine

According to the input music feature recognition data, the basic action data of the fountain in the knowledge base is used to analyze, judge, make the decision and make the conclusion under certain reasoning control strategy.

4, control the rules set

To achieve the reasoning machine made by the decision-making or conclusions to sum up, that is, fountain performance data.

Second, the music fountain expert controller works

In the music fountain expert controller, the music fountain experts in the field of empirical knowledge and general knowledge in a certain form of expression stored in the knowledge base. In the music fountain performance, the reasoning machine based on the current music feature information, according to a certain search strategy in the knowledge base to search for matching knowledge, the introduction of Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale some intermediate conclusions, and then these intermediate conclusions as evidence, in the knowledge beats headphones base In the search for matching knowledge, the introduction Cheap Beats Headphones of further intermediate conclusions, so repeated, to guide the final conclusion, that is, with the music characteristics of information consistent with the fountain control program so far.