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Mobile phone headset should be how to choose?

Now with the popularity of smart phones, more and more users are using mobile phone songs; in the subway, bus and out of the street, we rarely see the use beats by dre of MP3 or other players, turn to Is now holding the phone to beats earbuds play the "down family"; it seems that now the MP3 and music player industry more and more bad, and concerned about such equipment people have become the pursuit of sound quality enthusiasts. There are many natural advantages, such as in the street without having to carry other music players; download songs are also very convenient, like QQ music, shrimp music, multi-meter music and other streaming media support online music on demand and paid download; The process of the song, we still find some shortcomings; first mobile phone sound quality is very general, although recently played HiFi, but the technology is clearly not mature enough; pay the way you can download lossless music, but the vast majority of users Will still choose a free compressed version; headset is also very important, and the phone headset sound quality is generally bad, so how to pick a good mobile phone headset has become a hot topic nowadays. Headphones can be said that the brand everywhere, the price range is also very large, from ten dollars to thousands of dollars have, of course, which naturally filled with a lot of cottage goods; and for white users, how to choose a Cost-effective mobile phone headset has become a relatively beats headphones troublesome problem; today's white entry eighth we will tell you about how to choose their own mobile phone headset.Currently the phone headset is divided into ear, ear Type and head style; ear type and earbud type are common in four seasons, and both wear, storage or carry is very convenient; and headset has some limitations, it is more suitable for autumn and winter use, if it is In the summer when the street wear, it is estimated that you will not be a hot dog, then even if your headset to force another high, you will never let it wear on the head for a minute from the current Of the overall sales point of view, ear-style mobile phone headset is the most popular, and its advantage is to wear a solid, sound insulation is better (compared to earphones mobile phone headphones); as for how comfortable, have to see specific A headset It is necessary to remind you that the market is very cheap headphones that no mention of any engineering design, these cottage small factories are generally used only one kind of mold, but in appearance and color Slightly made some changes, so that they look "different", as comfortable wearing comfortable, huh, huh ... maybe someone will ask, "earbud headphones are also wearing a very comfortable ah", in fact, wear comfortable Degree, the author believes that earplugs really slightly better than the ear type, because it is relatively small for the oppression of the ear canal, so long time wearing the ear is not easy to pain, the author some years ago has been more like earbud headphones. More obvious weaknesses, such as wearing is not strong, easy to fall off when the movement; sound insulation is not good, even in listening to music, the outside world is also very obvious noise, I believe we have had this experience; therefore, since the author Switch to ear headphones, it seems no longer replaced earphones headphones.

Although there are many headphones on the market now, but from the overall sales point of view far less than ear and earphone headset; first of its use is more limited, such as hot days can not wear, storage and carry Is also very convenient (you have to put it in the bag for the line); In addition, we also found that many people who buy headset phone headset is not often used with mobile phones, but used to match the PC, laptop, Tablet PC to watch video, play games and voice chat use; it seems headset mobile phone headset is still more suitable for use at home and office, out of street use frequency is still not much.We buy mobile phone headset is the main purpose of the phone and play Music, and in addition with the singing in recent years, sounds of nature K song, cool me K song and other mobile phone K song hot, mobile phone headset and more use; not conceal everyone, the author himself is a faithful phone K song users, Boring and bad mood when you like to open a few songs on the song, relax.