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Listen to natural sounds

Headphones are sorted by style and can be divided into open headphones and closed headphones. Both headset styles have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if you are more concerned about the performance of the headphones, then open headphones may be more suitable. Relatively speaking, closed headphones no matter how, in the sound field with open headphones there is a very big gap. Headphones sound field performance if relatively small, you can adapt to more sound style is also more limited, especially in listening to some big dynamic music often Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap poor performance. Of course, mention of open type is not limited to headset headset products, there are some earplugs is also open design. Its high-frequency bright and direct, IF mellow fast, low-frequency sense of full, analytical first-class, open structure to make the sound has a stronger sense of the air, headphone unit diameter reached 53mm, sound performance is transparent, Buckle flagship headphones. Using an open structure. Its overall appearance is more generous, looks very professional. The main frame of the black design, the edge of the ear shell with a silver match, making the headset looks more generous. The shell part of the headset is made of metal mesh

With a closed, good sealing characteristics, because the headset on the head of the pressure is mainly concentrated in the earmuffs, earmuffs and soft enough, so it is better to enhance the wearing comfort. The head of the head part of the head and the earmuffs are made beats by dre wireless of thick soft sponge, wear more comfortable, suitable for long use. To enhance the dynamic sound field performance; 6 micron ultra-thin diaphragm, improve the sound resolution; hidden guide hole design, effectively expand the low frequency; such a high standard acoustic hardware, bring superior sound quality. Headphones using oblique post-pass outlet design, so that the wire clever to avoid the ear bulging parts; manufacturers attached sponge ear suite, in addition to sound more vigorous and tangible, but also increase the comfort of wearing. The appearance is very beautiful, it is exquisite workmanship, metal texture natural, meticulous, ear-style design relative to the ear headphones for a wider range of applications, more suitable for walking, sports use, shape in today's earplugs products quite prominent. Headphones sound field is very commendable, it is not depressing the effect of the skull, the sound field is beats by dr dre more open, it sounds like a small ear plug performance, quite some big headphones style.