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Life to have music life, only poetry and distance

Modern fast-paced life, often let everyone in the busy forget the fun of life. So with this sentence: life more than the eyes of the move, there are poems and distant. Travel increases the thickness and meaning of life while the presence of music gives life and travel more fun and spiritual enjoyment. Friends get together with the music and dance, alone listening to music into meditation, all kinds of scenes because of the music to accompany and become more meaningful. The movement beats earphones of life allows us to stay alive and young, boring exercise how to beats solo lack the music of the companionship, and love the movement of people invariably love music. Walk through the numerous hustle and bustle of the city, only their Beats By Dre Cheap own breathing and heartbeat live music dance, no noisy world of trouble. More importantly, in the sweat, rain infiltration in the operation freely. Even in the swimming pool also does not affect the hearing to enjoy.

Let you save your favorite music, but also can be used as a Bluetooth headset, charging 3 minutes to play music for 1 hour. In strict accordance with the IPX5 / 8 waterproof standard design, even in the sweat, sea water and other high salt content can also worry-free use. At the same time this headset also has a collection of external environment sound, allowing you to enjoy sports and music at the same time, will not miss the observation of the surrounding environment. Running, and even swimming, so you enjoy the exclusive music space. Followed the first generation Cheap Beats By Dr Dre of exquisite simple appearance, according to the user's different environmental needs, to bring "wireless" music to enjoy. Friends gather, family dinner, camping, travel can be seamless convergence. Support several times the CD sound quality of the amount of audio playback, to give your ears to provide more care. With other playback equipment to facilitate the formation of surging stereo sound field. 0 channel +2 passive diaphragm, charging 5 hours can be 12 hours of life, no longer have to worry about high when the cold suddenly friends.