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How to disconnect the headphone cable

After the earphone is used for a long time, it is easy to cause problems such as disconnection of the earphone cable, and the earphone disconnection generally occurs after the earphone plug, the earphone earphone and the earphone unit outlet.

Do not worry about the headphone cable is broken, the following details how to receive the headset cable:

In general, the red line is the right (R+) channel, the green line is the left (L+) channel, and the two yellow lines are common ground lines (G-), as long as the colors are welded one by one, earplugs The red to the main line, the ear to the blue to the main line, the ear to the main line of the yellow ok

For earplug users, especially for entry-level earplugs, the most common condition in the application process is that the earplugs do not turn sideways and sideways, which is why we often say poor contact. In fact, regarding this situation, we can start repairing ourselves, but we don't have the corresponding tutorials. Ordinary netizens dare not take this risk.

Editor's Note: This operation is suitable for users who beats by dre studio have a certain ability to start, and to ensure that your ear plugs have been out of warranty period; assuming your ear plugs are still in the warranty period, please contact customer service to be repaired to prevent unnecessary losses.

Normal ear plugs

As we all know, earphones/earpieces belong to the category of consumables, and often have various effects after several months of use. However, according to investigations, it is found that the headphone plug is often broken by the line break effect caused by the bending of a wire, which accounts for the percentage of earphone damage. More than eighty! Many friends use their earphones for a few months and the other side doesn't ring. They can only buy new headphones and lose money. Economic crisis we have to do "provincial governor", and now we come to share the knowledge of entry-level headset / earplug maintenance:

Ear plugs complete

A SONY headphone plug has a sound at the root of the headphone plug. From time to time, as long as there is no sound in the case of a sound, pull out the sleeve on the plug. Surprised that the copper wire in the rubber has been broken since the plug root is often bent. Some tension-proof armor wires are also attached (broken bones with ribs) Tensile armor wire is non-conductor!

The copper wire inside the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre rubber was once disconnected

Actually, the more bullet-proof wire and copper wire contained in the headphone cord, the stronger it is. Assume that often folded off (not necessarily bent, is the bad habit of using headphones at ordinary times, no intention!) will form damage!

Cut from the broken end

Use scissors to carefully cut the plastic from the root of the plug to expose the solder joints!

Exposed solder joints

Expose four wires

Unplug the other end of the headset cord and reveal the four wires (enameled wire)! The red line is the right (R+) channel, the green line is the left (L+) channel, and the two yellow lines are common ground lines (G-)

Plating solder is also an important part of the comparison, ordinary is difficult for the novice! The power of the tinning iron on the enameled wire must be higher, and it is mostly accomplished with fluxes such as rosin or solder paste!

Plating solder

Carefully soldering the soldered tin lead to the plug must not "short-circuit" the solder joint to a small extent, and solder must be excessive! The welding time cannot be too long. The solder joint between the plug and the solder joint is separated by a plastic spacer. If the soldering time is long, it is easy to short circuit! The above picture from left to right is green (L), red (R), yellow (G) all 3.5mm flat sound plug is so defined!

Solder joints are beautiful

Soldered soldered plugs with hot melt!

Packed with hot sol

The packaged hot melt is then baked and melted beats headphones with a lighter, and the sleeve in front of the socket is immediately put on! Cheap Beats By Dr Dre The speed and time must match well.

Tip: Your hands should never be glued to a freshly melted hot melt.

Put the sleeve on the front of the socket

Wait for a while! Wait until the glue cools to remove excess hot melt adhesive! Basically formed!