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How to choose the night of the beats headphones audio equipment?

At present, different sizes, different grades, different functions of the entertainment in the size of the investment vary greatly. We all know that the soul of the entertainment is the sound equipment. Entertainment night music equipment design is not the key, how much money you spend, nor how much money you save, but rather that we rational use of investment funds, a reasonable allocation of funds, taking into account the function, effect, equipment grade, Investment funds. One-sided pursuit of equipment and more features. Or only focus on one aspect of the system functions and indicators, regardless of the overall system with each other are wrong. The results are often put a lot of money to buy a lot of equipment, but the actual effect is not satisfactory.

Before the entertainment night sound design, first of all to clear Cheap Beats By Dre the problem:

1, the use of entertainment night market function

From the room structure to points, we will be divided into entertainment: lobby and box, from the function points, we will be divided into hall: Audition Hall and DISCO slow it. The box is divided into: discount KTV and business karaoke OK.

2, entertainment night equipment function

The same is the entertainment night, they can have a great difference in investment. This difference is mainly due to the type, quantity and function of the equipment used.

3, to build the conditions of the difference

The current sound quality of the entertainment design is mostly in the existing building conditions, the shape of the room, the size is fixed, we can do the changes and adjustments is really too little, but not to say that we do sound design is not meaningful , For a serious acoustical defective room, we must use architectural acoustics to adjust, mainly with

1. If the room has a large area of ??concave, resulting in uneven sound field, try to use the partition to fill the other way to eliminate.

2. If the room reverberation time is too long, pay attention to take the appropriate sound-absorbing measures.

3. If the Beats Headphones Cheap" href="/">Beats Headphones Cheap room has obvious noise, it is necessary to properly manage the noise level can be tolerated to the extent.

4. consider the strong music to others harm, the corresponding sound insulation measures should also be considered in them.

With the architectural acoustics method to change the listening environment, due to the beauty and decoration on the restricted, so we recommend first consider the flexible, easy to use, low price point of sound control method. According to the different conditions, we have to clear the following questions: (1) there is no need to use the equalizer to improve the transmission characteristics of the room. (2) what way to take the sound reinforcement system. (3) auxiliary (fill sound) sound necessary for use. In short, the room built sound conditions is that we design sound system important basis, any from the room, do not understand the room shape, size, proportion structure and space layout design, are empty talk.

4, audio equipment investment

How beats by dre to minimize the investment, to obtain the greatest comprehensive effect, is our design goals, even the best program, if there is no corresponding capital investment, can only be on paper. In the design we often face the problem of insufficient funds, then we have to weigh the use of some cost-effective equipment, effective control costs. In the early stage of the sound system design, often need and investors, construction and decoration staff repeatedly learn from, to discuss the equipment to determine the function, equipment level and investment scale. In order to cooperate with each other, work closely with the integrity of the various aspects of the functional requirements of the use of the least investment in the case of the best overall results.