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How to choose a most suitable for their own headphones?

In the digital age, the headset is obviously a very common accessories, the market also has a large number of models can choose the style. So for you, what kind of headphones is the best? We may wish to first look at the mainstream headset type If you want the headset to be as small as possible, easy to carry, then the earplug is the best choice, which, earplugs are divided into ear and non-ear type, the former placed in the ear canal, with better environmental noise suppression effect ; Rather than the ear is our common most common earplugs design, comfort better.Many high-end brand earplugs are used in the ear design, suitable for the pursuit of sound quality and details of the user, but not recommended in outdoor sports Beats Headphones Cheap wear such a Headphones, because the better environmental noise isolation effect may make you ignore the surrounding car, an accident. Headset also has some top-level models, using a static design, compared to the common moving coil and moving iron more High end.

In fact, the stereo Bluetooth headset also has earplugs, headphones and other forms, but canceled the cable design, the use of Bluetooth wireless function to transmit audio. cheap beats Relatively speaking, wireless transmission will cause sound quality loss, it is not beats by dre suitable But for the daily commute, outdoor sports and other scenes, the Bluetooth headset obvious advantages, will no longer be cable tied; and heart rate headphones such as integrated movement, heart rate sensor models, allowing users to wear less a sports brace or Watches, but also worthy of attention to the new type of product.

In short, a suitable headset depends on your most frequent use of the scene, after all, not a perfect product to meet all the needs, but if you are well funded, you can use the scene according to the use of several headphones, access to customized Beats Headphones Cheap use experience The