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How to buy mobile phone Bluetooth headset?

In recent years, the use of mobile phones has become more convenient, which to some extent should be attributed to the progress of wireless headset technology. The previous wireless headset connection is always unsatisfactory and the design is not durable enough. With the advent of the new Bluetooth headset, today's mobile phone users no longer have to pick up the phone to answer the phone. Now, in the market you can see a wide range of different functions of mobile phone headset. In order to help you choose the right model, small special will in beats earphones this article to introduce you to some background information on headset technology, as well as some of the functions you may be more important. When purchasing headphones, check the performance of the microphone first. Many of the microphone noise removal performance is poor, so that when you wind in the wind when walking outdoors, the caller can only hear the echo. The performance of the connecting rod microphone will be better, because this microphone is usually close to your mouth, but sometimes the effect of noise reduction is not obvious. Many models have a superior performance of the noise-canceling microphone, usually do not need the user to the microphone on the mouth, you use this headset to answer customer calls, no one will mistake you as a fast food shop staff.

Comfort is another important factor to consider. Only fit, lightweight models can make you forget that you are wearing headphones. For a single ear headset, it is best to be able to put ear canal ear style, because this style can not only be isolated from Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the external noise, but also better fit the ears. Simple ear-hanging is usually not suitable for people who often walk around. In addition, you also need to consider the headset button is easy to touch, if the call when the other voice is small, you do not want to take off the headset to find the volume button it. If you buy a poor quality Bluetooth headset, the first problem you may encounter is that it can not match your phone. Unfortunately, there are many Bluetooth headsets on the market need to try three or four times, the Bluetooth signal can be identified by the phone. If your phone and Bluetooth headset are always to be identified, you may miss some important calls. Also, pay attention to the battery life. Wireless headset generally need to charge every day, even the best headphones, in support of 3-10 hours of talk time, also need to re-charge. In general, lithium battery standby time is the longest. The technology used in headphones is another important factor influencing purchasing decisions. At the beginning of 2007, Bluetooth 2.0 began to become the main standard for Bluetooth technology, the transmission speed is three times the Bluetooth 1.0 (2.0 transmission speed of 3 Mbps, while the 1.0 transmission speed is less than 1Mbps). Bluetooth 2.0 is also compatible with older products, but may affect the speed of operation. In addition, one of the latest Bluetooth transmission functions is able to deliver stereo Cheap Beats By Dr Dre signals, which should be considered a gospel for people who use music to listen to music. There are a number of headphones also provide other convenient features. Some models support voice dialing (provided that your phone supports this feature), some with headset locators, some allow you to enjoy stereo music, and some allow you to call your phone without having to come up with your phone. As the current mobile phone headset in the comfort, design, price, technology, functionality, performance and other aspects of a variety of options, so the purchase of wireless headset, Cheap Beats By Dr Dre you must consider in many ways.