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How can the Bluetooth headset be selected for quality products?

Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth technology used in the hands-free headphones, so that users can get rid of annoying wires tied, free to freely call in a variety of ways. Since the advent cheap beats of the Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency. Wearing a sense of comfort directly affect the use of headphones experience, decided to buy after you like do not like to use this headset. There are four common forms of wear on the market, beats by dre studio the first is beats by dre studio the ear hanging type, the second is the neck hanging type, the third is the ear type, the fourth is the wireless ear plug type. 4 kinds of headphones that wear more comfortable? According to our test, ear hanging wearing a long time outside the outline of the ears will be uncomfortable, but the advantage is really mad can not shake Kazakhstan. Neck hanging wear or comfortable, the only problem is the inconvenience of admission, not small enough to be included in the bag. In-ear style, that is, we today's protagonist, headset head design, is based on ergonomic design curvature, really the so-called long wear no pain, storage is also very convenient. Wireless earbuds, stealth wireless, which is the future trend of development, the only bad is easy to lose, it is also a small pros and cons of small ah

Everyone in the purchase of their own Bluetooth headset, the first is certainly a choice of price segment, personally think that comfort is Beats By Dre Cheap one of the more important factors, through our experience hanging ear type Bluetooth headset generally wear a long time will be some ear pain, At least this price segment is, generally in the ear will be better. Connection stability is a Bluetooth headset based on their official claims are 10 meters, but basically 8,9 meters will be interrupted signal, and wear a wall, glass Han, the signal will be cut off.