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Headset tips

It's easy to buy a pair of headphones to connect directly to a CD player or amplifier. You can hear it right away. But the quality of this sound is far from the best in many situations. This is not only because almost all headsets are a product of production cost and sound quality compromises, but also because the characteristics and quality of the headset output play a major role in the playback of music. 1. Headphones (break-in)

A new headset usually lacks bass and the sound is harsh and lacks focus because the electro-acoustic characteristics of the drive unit have not stabilized. So it is highly recommended that you start listening to the music in the bass for 24 to 48 consecutive hours.

First, use a relatively low volume for a few hours, then use the medium volume for a few hours, and then use the loud volume for the remaining time.

The earphone can improve the mechanical properties of the suspension system of the earphone drive unit and can make the winding of the coil more compact. For some headphones, this change can be overwhelming.

2. Headphone wearing position

This is easy to do, but have you tried to adjust the best position for your headphones? For many earphones, the balance of sound field and sound strongly depends on the position of the earphone drive unit.

3. Impedance optimization

The headphone output of the power amplifier is usually directly connected to the speaker output. In order to avoid damage to the headphones and the amplifier in Beats Headphones On Sale series there is resistance. The resistance of these resistors is usually between 200 ohms and 600 ohms.

On the other hand, the headphone outputs of radios and CD players are usually op-amp chip-driven. They have a much lower output impedance (less than 50 ohms).

The output resistance R0 of the headphone jack has a great influence on the headphone sound. It not only changed the voltage on the headphones but also Cheap Beats By Dr Dre changed the frequency of the sound accordingly.

The impedance Zphone(f) of the earphone changes with frequency, and a sine wave signal with frequency f is attenuated by the resistance R0 of the earphone jack into |Zphone(f)/(Zphone(f)+R0)|<1.

The general headphone impedance Zphone(f) is the largest at low frequencies, so the attenuation at low frequencies is less than at high frequencies. Obviously, the low frequency attenuation is less than the high frequency.

For most headsets, increasing the output impedance can make the sound darker and more mixed (in this case, the amp's control of the headphone drive unit will become weaker). However, some headphones (such as the DT931) are definitely better at listening to 120 Euro (which is an international audio standard).

Therefore, if your headphone sound is harsh and harsh, you can Cheap Beats By Dre consider increasing the effective output impedance of the headphone jack. The easiest way is to beats by dre studio add a conversion head between the headset and the headphone jack (as shown in Figure 3). Each head of the converter has a resistor in series with the headphone. The effective output impedance is the sum of the resistance of this resistor and the output impedance of the headphone jack (R0+Ra).

Note: The resistance of the resistor should not be greater than 3 to 4 times the impedance of the headphone driver unit. Bigger words can hardly reach effective volume.