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Headset maintenance have to know

Nowadays, many people's pursuit of high sound quality has become a trend, which is closely related to the remarkable improvement of people's living standards nowadays. Many people always encounter high-quality headphone products after purchasing them This is so with the question, this headset maintenance article is my headphone companion for the guidance and constructive articles, if friends have any problems in the use and maintenance of the headset, may wish to come to this article to find out , Maybe you can see the problems encountered by friends. After a headphone generally a lot of people know that the headset should be open, but after the pot is opened although you can enjoy the beautiful headphones bring the sound quality, but for the daily maintenance of such headphones friends know how much? Here we will explain to friends and explain a headset in the routine care needs attention and easily overlooked issues, so that friends can better protect their own headphones. Although the current headphones work in the spirit of excellence, but it can not resist the routine careless friends, whether it is the headset wire, plug, or folding and important unit parts require careful maintenance of friends, so as to Let the companion earphones longer life expectancy, so that partners can listen to more wonderful music.

1. Headphone volume must be controlled, which can be said that the user is the most likely to make mistakes headphones, because many users like to open the volume of the headset to the maximum, so while listening to more Beats By Dre Sale enjoyable, but for the ear damage Maximum, will also cause some damage to the diaphragm, in severe cases it will burn the voice coil, resulting in inevitable losses.

2 away from the strong magnetic field and humid environment, which is the most basic knowledge when using the headset, the strong magnetic field will cause some sensitivity to the sensitivity of the headset, causing irreparable damage to the sound quality of the headset. The humid environment will make headphone unit pad rust, ear headphones will be a serious bias, so this point friends have to pay attention.

3. Headphone wire friends must pay attention to protection, like the usual sweat after sweating the headphones to be wiped off, otherwise it will cause some corrosion of the wire rod of the headset, and when using the Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre headphones as far as possible away from the fireworks, Whether it is burned out of the wire or the ear shell this loss is absolutely irreparable.

4. Winter wire and headphone protection is even more important, because the winter temperature is lower, this lower temperature will make the headset wire become more vulnerable, a little careless will appear broken and so on, if at After using the headset outside after entering the warm room, this change in temperature is more likely to lead to the aging of the headset wire and unit.

5. When sleeping with headphones really hurt, Cheap Beats Headphones because friends fell asleep when unconsciously stand up or move, this time if you wear headphones, the wire will cause some winding or crush the ear shell, etc., At this moment, it does not matter if the earphone breaks down. If you hurt yourself, you will have to go out of your way, so even if your friends are used to listening to soothing music when they fall asleep, be sure to take down the earphones before going to sleep.