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Headphones silent check

Check if the headset is broken

The headset received a good MP3, cell phone or radio and other devices with the corresponding headphone interface, listen to whether there is sound to determine whether the normal headphones.

Tips: Some headphones have a line control volume adjustment, to check whether the volume is transferred to the lowest mute.

Check the computer headset and the host interface is bad

Re-plug the headset cable and computer host interface to ensure that the connection is good, if some computer host has two external jacks, you can try for a socket.

Tips: Do not plug the headphones plug into the other jack, otherwise the Ngau Tau mouth, headphones, of course, no sound.

Check if the computer volume setting is muted

Check the speaker at the far right of the taskbar at the far right of the screen. Is there a speaker mute flag as shown in the figure below

If the display as shown above, it is obviously due to misuse of the computer system is in silent mode, this time the mouse double click the speaker icon in the pop-up window, click the "all mute" or "mute" check box will click to remove You can.

Check if the computer volume is in the minimum volume state

If the speaker icon on the right side of the taskbar is shown in the figure below, there is no red mute flag.

You can double-click the taskbar at the far right of the speaker icon, in the pop-up window, drag the mouse up the red box with the slider to the appropriate location can be.

Check if the sound card driver is missing

View the cheap beats bottom right of the right side of the task bar on the status bar whether there is a speaker icon, as shown below.

If there is no speaker mouse icon on the status bar, you can right click on my computer and click "Manage" in the pop-up window, as shown below

In the "Computer Management" window that pops up, click the "Device Manager" to see if there is a device with a "?" In the right window. If the device has an audio or "audio device" As shown, it means that the sound card driver has been lost, need to install the sound card driver.

Install the sound card driver

At this time, beats by dr dre if you have a sound card driver CD, you beats Beats Headphones Cheap solo can right click on the device in the pop-up menu and click "Update Driver" as shown in the following figure

Ready to sound card driver CD, to be shown below the window pop-up, the CD into the drive, follow the window prompts to operate.

If you do not have a sound card driver CD, you can download the corresponding driver through Baidu search to the folder. Double-click the sound card driver, follow the prompts. As shown below:

If through the above operation, to ensure that the headset without their own failure, still can not solve the silent headset, you can guess the computer's independent sound card or onboard sound card problems, need to re-open the chassis plug the sound card or replace the sound card or motherboard.