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Headphone line

?With the improvement of people's living standards, music has become an indispensable part of our lives. When you feel sad, listen to music can ease your mood, but one thing makes us very troubled - the headset line is always wrapped around. What is the reason for that?

From beats by dr dre the structural point of view to explain the headset line wrapped in thermoplastic elastomer wire, the aspect ratio of extreme offset, resulting in it easily bent.

?And the computer's power cord is not the same, the headset line is prone to reverse around the axis. This causes the earphone thread to have at least three dimensions in the structure (left and right bending, front and rear bending and torsion around the center axis). Moreover, the front end of the headset must also be split into two shares to wrap around our neck. It can be roughly thought that the change in the shape of the headphone line, which involves a 9-dimensional vector (3 headset lines) changes, is very complicated.

This is the same as "water to low flow" principle. The height of beats earbuds the pool once the gap, that is, an unstable state, must be stable state (low) transfer.

The same token, the headset line without finishing in the pocket, it continues to shake with the body shaking, but also by the two sides of the fabric extrusion and friction, in the complex mechanical environment, it must be their " To "a certain state to overcome the various external forces to" disturb ". And the winding can greatly increase the stability of the structure without Cheap Beats By Dr Dre changing the material properties. The closer the winding is, the higher the strength is, and thus ensure that its structure is stable.

But how can we make Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the headset line honestly do not knot it? With more coarse and more toughness of the fine material to strengthen their own strength. Or use a shorter headset line to reduce the total amount of change. Of course, you can also choose to pre-order and then into the pocket ... ... so that the headset line will not appear winding, knotting and other annoying state it!