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Frequent song people need to buy noise-canceling headphones?

Long time every day the subway, public transport on the song. Do you think this time attached to the headset noise is relatively beats earphones poor? However, if the sound to increase the feeling of ear is not good. So we need to buy a noise-canceling headphones? Let us analyze and analyze: From the perspective of physics and biology students of the times taught us that the acceptable decibels of the human ear is actually limited. In general, the human ear perceives 20 dB following is quiet, 20 ~ 40 decibels is whisper, 40 decibels to 60 decibels is an ordinary indoor talk, 60 to 70 decibels is noisy, nerve damage, 70 to 90 Decibel is very noisy, nerve cell damage, 90 to 100 will be hearing loss, 100 to 120 is extremely uncomfortable, will be temporarily deaf, 120 or more will be fully deaf. According to the data shows that the noise inside the subway car can reach about 85 decibels, and wearing headphones is generally below 80 decibels, if the two coincide noise, the decibel will be greater. Some people in order to hear the song, the volume will be adjusted headphone, the more damage to the hearing. Hearing damage is irreversible. Therefore, listening to songs on the subway every day with headphones can cause unpredictable hearing damage. At this time, the emergence of noise-canceling headphones, it can be a very good help to us. Noise reduction headphones How to divide the noise There are two headphones, one is passive noise reduction, the other is active noise reduction. Passive noise reduction, as the name implies, is to reduce the noise by earphone physics. In-ear headphones usually use memory foam earplugs, high-density silicone earplugs and the like, while headsets use passive full-face earbuds to achieve passive noise reduction. Soundproof passive noise reduction is usually able to achieve the effect of 15 to 20 dB.

However, due to noise from many Beats By Dre Sale aspects, having different frequency bands, it is very difficult to have a very good noise reduction effect, and all the more advanced active noise reduction technologies have appeared. The theory of active noise reduction is quite simple, and "sound waves" are theories that we all learn in our high school physics classes. Sound is transmitted through the vibration of the medium to achieve, if the wave and the wave between the opposite phase will be achieved Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre under the theoretical conditions offset. Active noise reduction principle is to first collect the waveform characteristics of noise, and then through the built-in processing chip computing the reverse phase of the wave, and then through the high reduction of the speaker offset. Therefore, active noise reduction system essential equipment pickups, processing chips, speakers, each part must ensure beats by dre high quality in order to achieve the ultimate effect, so the cost is higher than the traditional non-noise reduction equipment. Noise reduction range of active noise-canceling headphones can reach 20 to 30 dB, the effect is very significant. Xiaobian wear the first active noise reduction headphones, it was just found the same surprise the New World. If you take the subway, car or plane to listen to music needs, it is best to buy an active noise-canceling headphones, so your ears have a very important protection. If the budget is limited, it is best to buy a memory foam earplugs and other products with passive noise reduction.