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Fall in love with sports headphones, bone conduction more range children

To love playing, love sports young people, tired of the ordinary Bluetooth headset, do not like the discomfort caused by earbud headphones, do not like the volume of headphones. There are more fun, cool sports headphones? I believe many people are not necessarily aware of bone conduction headphones, do not need the ears, do not need a big earmuffs, through the human brain, such as the voice of the skull, it is cool. This time running, the music will be clearer to hear it. Running time, wear bone conduction headphones, the complete liberation of both ears, exercise can also easily notice the surrounding situation, the safety factor is higher. Even in noisy environment, but also a clear answer the beats by dre studio phone, comfortable to listen to wonderful music. Clear vocal performance, very penetrating, full of three-dimensional sense. By voice control, call, play music is that simple.

Very soft bone conduction headphones, light body, long time to wear will not have the feeling of collet. Tight fit to the head, strenuous exercise will not easily fall off. The use Beats By Dre Sale of flexible rubber material, strong and durable. Has a super waterproof, fearless sweat after exercise. Through bone conduction technology, even when riding, fear of airflow interference, but also to listen to the music clearly, answer the phone. Very gorgeous bone conduction headphones, connected via Bluetooth, without the shackles of the line, exercise more fun. At any time to hear the sound around, fitness occasionally with the friends beats by dre studio Cheap Beats Headphones next to speak, lest too monotonous. Ergonomic design, U-shaped shape is both good-looking and fit the head. Have a special noise technology, do not worry about privacy will leak Oh. With dual microphones to reduce noise, answering calls can be so clear even in the noisy environment. Stereo-quality bone conduction headphones, cool appearance, once won the German red dot design award. Skeleton using titanium alloy wire, strong and flexible sturdy. Beautiful streamlined shape, very artistic. After professional tuner tuning, both ears bring comfortable stereo sound, fitness music power enough. IP55 level of protection, you can enjoy the sweat it friends. With cool bone conduction sports headphones, completely get rid of ear stuffy ear feeling, ear headphones wearing a long folder of ear feeling, running, fitness also more natural, comfortable.