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Early summer is the movement season popular sports headphones

Yang beats earphones Xiu Xu floating means that the weather will soon be hot up, this time the temperature is not high is not low, it is a good time to exercise. The streets of the girls beats by dre studio have been competing to show their own body, the Cheap Beats By Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dre men did not forget to show their muscles. However, not everyone is interested in this season, unspeakable is that after a winter to raise the fat, waist with a swim ring, how could come out to see people? Many people like to forward some articles about sports in a circle of friends, but I am afraid that it is really a few. The movement is easy to say, and it is a matter of need of perseverance and perseverance, and it is necessary to develop a habit that means that you need to be against laziness, which is very contradictory to the pursuit of comfort. Wear comfortable and lightweight, the use of composite diaphragm + NdFeB unit, double symphonic sound field, easy to suppress the resonance, high-quality diaphragm with clear analysis, for those who like to listen to music in sports, is a very good choice. Headphones using ergonomic ear design, wearing a good fit when the ear structure, around the ear to wear a very comfortable and stable effect is a good partner when you exercise.

Bass effect deep and deep. For the interpretation of popular music is in place. In fashion sense, the headset rounded water droplets with metal texture, showing Beats Headphones Cheap a noble and elegant visual effects. Ear hanging memory line body can adapt to different ears contour shape, wear at any time at the best angle. The Including two types of earmuffs, one is fine close to the earmuffs, can provide a good sound isolation; the other is a stable shape of the earmuffs, can provide environmental noise awareness, can be more safe to use in the outdoors. Headphones equipped with 8.5 mm drive unit, frequency response for the 20Hz-23kHz, 16 ohm impedance, extremely easy to be portable device driver. Light and comfortable, the user can not even feel its presence. IPX-4 level of waterproofing level can provide all-round full-angle splash waterproof protection, making it a good companion for all-weather training. Kevlar coating reinforcement cable can provide higher durability and strength, can be very good to prevent violence tear.