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Dynamic, moving iron and iron ring those things

Earplugs from where the sound came from? This estimate most people are very clear, earplugs is carried in the sound unit is the voice of the manufacturer, and through the different structures, where the sound unit has been divided into moving coil unit and moving iron unit, the current market Most of the earplugs are equipped with moving coil unit, while the moving iron unit we can often see in the custom headset products and tiny ear plugs, there is a combination of moving coil unit and moving iron unit ring iron earplugs Also gradually shifted from early high-end positioning universal. Due to structural differences, moving coil, moving iron and the ring of these three types of earplugs products can be said to have their own characteristics, there is no absolute pros and cons, so buy earplugs products do not need too much emphasis on its unit structure . Moving coil unit and moving iron unit in the principle of sound is quite different, moving coil unit is through the coil in the magnetic field Beats By Dre Cheap" href="/">Beats By Dre Cheap within the movement, vibrating diaphragm, so as to make sound, and move the iron unit is through the armature drive components in the middle of balance armature In the magnetic field movement, and then drive the connecting rod, and then drive the diaphragm vibration, which makes a sound.

In terms of sensitivity, moving iron unit because of its structural relationship, it is easy to be able to drive up, so compared to moving coil earplugs, moving iron earplugs in driving very possess an advantage, but with high sensitivity of the moving iron earplugs , They are very sensitive to the noise floor of the front end, and some machines with larger noise floor may not be suitable for use with moving iron earplugs. Dynamic elements of the dynamic voice of the tri-band is the natural convergence, the sound will be more relaxed, the density will not be too large, music will be more abundant. The dynamic characteristics of moving iron unit is excellent sound transient performance, resolution, high sound density, but the single action due to its own limited quality iron, so many manufacturers will take the action of superimposed moving iron unit to increase the frequency beats by dre of moving iron earplugs Ring range, such multi-unit moving iron earplugs tend to be more expensive on the price.

Loop iron earplugs be combined with moving coil unit and moving iron unit voice advantages, you can do both sense of atmosphere and quality, but because of the two different structure of the unit placed together, then how to coordinate the convergence of their voice become The main difficulty of the ring iron earplugs. At present, some people still adhere to the circle of iron earplugs do not sound good point of view, but beats by dre studio in fact there are still many audio companies clinging to the development of high-end ring earplugs, of which outstanding works are not less both dynamic coil earplugs, , Or ring earplugs, which have beats by dre wireless the most top-class works, the technology itself is not wrong, just to see how people to play it Bale.