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Double-acting ring earplugs you heard. Can you really understand it?

Under the dual influence of the consumption level and the industry's popularity, the consumer's demand for earphones is not only the past, "it is good to listen." The quality of mobile playback music has improved, and consumers pursuit of playback results has promoted the understanding of the headset structure and products of different grades. Among them, the multi-unit mobile iron earphone and the ring iron earphone, which are two multi-unit structures, have been well-known in recent years through various aspects of promotion, and have become representative of good sound quality in many friends' cognition. In addition to multi-unit moving iron and ring iron headphones, double-acting ring headphones in recent years is also an indispensable force. What is the relationship between double-acting headsets and traditional dynamic headsets? Its advantages may not be known by so many friends. Therefore, let's start with the difference between moving iron headphones and dynamic headphones. The popularity of smartphones and the shrinking of accessories have led consumers to seek information on the increasingly sophisticated Internet and guide their purchase of more desirable headphones. Experience sharing from various aspects has accelerated this process, and the two product concepts of dynamic headphones and moving iron headphones are deeply rooted in people's minds. If you do not know the difference between them, the following two paragraphs can help you to understand. Dynamic headphones: As the most common headphone structure, the principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of the signal current. Because it is vibration of the diaphragm, the sound is more natural and relaxed, and it has a natural frequency range advantage. According to the degree of cavity opening, dynamic headphones are divided into open, semi-open, closed headphones. The most common in-ear earphones today are closed, while headsets have the above three structures.

Moving Iron Headphones: Unlike the coil-diaphragm structure of moving headphones, moving iron headphones are transmitted through a structurally precise connecting Cheap Beats Headphones rod to the center point of a miniature diaphragm, thereby generating a vibrating and sound-emitting headphone. Due to the smaller size Cheap Beats Headphones of the unit, the moving iron headset can bring about a wider range of frequency response and more detailed sound through combination and frequency division. So, a few years ago, when dynamic headphones were still using one unit, the moving iron unit was able to easily make multi-cell arrangements with its inherently smaller size, combined with a composite unit structure, to restore more sound details. At the same time to catch up with and even beyond the advantages of the frequency range of dynamic headphones. With the emergence of micro-motion horns, and the use of audio technology to Cheap Beats Headphones help, plus the structure and volume advantages of in-ear headphones, it is not a difficult task to put down two or even three micro-motion horns in the headphone cavity. Taking into account various factors, the double-acting ring structure is the mainstream practice of manufacturers. What are the characteristics and advantages of double-acting headsets compared to multi-unit moving iron headsets? Due to its structural advantages, the double-acting ring earplugs have brought about excellent mid-low-frequency performance, attracting many friends to buy music that emphasizes rhythm and atmosphere. In general, the double-acting ring headset continues the sound accumulation of audio technology over the years, brings a whole new experience, and still has a lot of room for improvement. When new materials and technologies emerge, double-acting headphones are Cheap Beats By Dr Dre" href="/">Cheap Beats By Dr Dre likely to further refresh our perceptions and feelings.