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Does the headset hurt the ears?

Now the music has become the majority of people can not do without things, and long-term wearing a lot beats by dr dre of headphones, experts believe that headphones should wear an hour for an hour Beats By Dre Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre Sale should let the ears take a break, so as not to cause ear damage! The use of headphones makes the ear close to contact with the sound stimulation, contact with the noise source closer, coupled with its high frequency characteristics, the greater the intensity of sound, hearing damage is more obvious. For those who do not often use the headset, the occasional use should also control the volume, should not be too large, in addition, but also try to ensure continuous use of headset time is best not more than an hour. It is recommended that the beats solo original "60-60" principle: that people in the use of headphones, the volume should not be too large, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum volume of 60%, according to their own situation, the volume to a lower, as long as To ensure that you can hear clearly.

In addition, the use of headphones for the time should not exceed 60 minutes. Many children in the use of computers, mobile phones, etc. also wear Cheap Beats By Dre headphones, children are suitable for use of headphones? Children themselves are also more vulnerable groups of hearing, do not recommend children to use headphones, and adult long-term use of headphones may cause hearing loss, children use headphones will have some impact on hearing. In addition, children due to lack of self-control ability, the use of headphones is often difficult to control the time. People in the use of headphones, the headset into the ear will produce a certain friction, wearing a long time will feel a bit pain, so we usually when buying headphones is essential, such as Amoy wins this technology Apple Headphones, is the use of ergonomic design! Wear comfortable!