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Do not listen to music custom hair can endure?

Looking back a few years ago, we listen to songs or use the general flat ear plugs, ear ear plugs not too popular. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers are also increasing the demand for music enjoyment, spending more on audio equipment, the flagship model has become a labyrinth between many friends laughing, and even some friends still use it Custom earplugs. Any relationship with "custom", has always given a very tall feeling, then what is the custom earplugs what kind of product? In fact, customized ear plugs are not the product of the rise of the past few years, initially as a stage with audio equipment, custom ear plugs are mainly used for the singer on the stage as a return to hearing equipment. In fact, in addition to custom earbuds, some monitoring headphones, or even the usual earplugs, can be used as a hearing device - because in this case, the function of the earphone earplugs is to hear the Program and return effect, Therefore, there is no rigid requirement on the equipment. Customized earplugs are used because custom earbuds are made using molds and attached to the ear canal to provide better soundproofing and to provide a clearer and clever back-listening effect that can help singers better play In addition, due to wear fit, but also conducive to the singer on the stage Beats By Dre Cheap to make a variety of actions. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of custom technology, custom ear plugs has also become part of the singer stage dress up.

First of all, we need to understand the advantages of custom earplugs. As mentioned above, custom earbuds are made using a mold and attached to the ear canal so as to provide better sound insulation and provide a more clear and delicate return sound effect. For the friends who need to go out for customization Earplugs really can bring better performance. In addition, as the technology continues to evolve, we can drop more units in custom earbuds and pinpoint each unit's frequency band with crossovers to deliver fuller, more realistic details in a single Unit can not match the product. Although customized earplugs have many advantages, but also have the same shortcomings and disadvantages doomed to not be a popular product. As its name, customized earplugs can only be used by one person, can not be shared, difficult to promote. At the same time, due to the different shape of the customized earplugs, the arrangement of Beats By Dre On Sale the unit in the earphone will have a slight error, resulting in the sound will be different, this situation is more common in the custom studio. In addition, customized earplugs are different from regular beats by dre studio earplugs and can be mass-produced. The proprietary nature of the earplugs allows for increased number of manufacturing steps, significantly longer waiting periods, and a lack of fit after the first hand-back. ) Situation, the more troublesome steps that some of my friends would rather switch to the same outstanding performance of large headphones, rather than choose custom earbuds.

Nowadays more and more emphasis on personal enjoyment and privacy of information society, there is no denying the presence of custom earplugs to meet the requirements of higher appreciation requirements, but at this stage of the domestic market, in addition to professional purposes, custom earplugs always Only a small part of the user's toys. The price, output, and non-necessity of customized earplugs make it even more accurate and exciting, and can not be quickly popularized as a product of the general public. However, custom earplugs do not need to be available to everyone, after all, it is a product for professionals and advanced music lovers, whether it is the international big or private custom, as long as the iteration, to produce better playback performance , Will be able to meet the needs of users.