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Different from the source HiFi and monitor the difference between headphones

Speaking of listening headphones, in fact, is not so complicated to explain the parameters and obscure theory, simply speaking, listen to the headset is to let the wearer hear more real, completely without modification of the sound like HiFi headphones let you Feel the sound is a colorful painting ... so many people understand how much life in the moment of privacy is not taken seriously, the film also makes a lot of people realize that the original headset which also has a monitor headphones Members of the fire with the very high HiFi headphones, monitor headphones and did not cause our flat people too much attention, which is because of what? In fact, fundamentally speaking, although the same headphones are also in the high and low Of the points, but the monitor headphones and HiFi headphones in nature is also very different, let us take a look at these two we can always see the headset products. Speaking of listening headphones, in fact, not so Complex explanatory parameters and obscure theory, simply speaking, listening to the headset is to let the wearer hear more real, completely without modification of the sound. IFi headphones let you feel the sound is a colorful painting, then listen to the headset is to give you the sound is a simple sketch.Listen to the headphones are mostly used in the field of professional monitoring, such as recording, broadcasting, Meetings and DJ, etc., according to the use of different scenes, to be equipped with different types of listening headphones, the use of different scenes also marks the difference between the headphones, so under normal circumstances, the monitor headphones do not necessarily need a strong sound Ability, but must have a strong ability to restore the monitor headphones to have a wide enough frequency response capability, and to ensure that the overall distortion is small, like in a noisy environment DJ DJ headphones are generally like this monitor headset products , Sound insulation to avoid the impact of the noisy environment, and the sound clarity and rhythm must have a good control, if that headphones to listen to pop music, then it may make the listener feel very tasty, and even It is classified as garbage to the ranks, which is like the best use of the environment to play to monitor the maximum energy headphones.

After listening to the headset, we look at the HiFi headphones, in fact, from the use of the crowd can feel the Beats By Dre On Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre On Sale two headphones are obviously different, HiFi headphones more consumer-oriented, to ensure that we listen to music or watch the needs of the film, although The price is different, but the pursuit is to bring consumers better and more pleasing to the ears of the sound.In fact, from the frequency response range, HiFi headphones need to have a wider frequency response, used to ensure that we listen to all kinds The Beats Headphones Cheap speed of the hiFi headset response can not be so fast, and strive to let you hear the appropriate sound dye, tuning is particularly important, in order to better please more consumers ears , HiFi headphones will be more serious. In fact, through the above description of the number of friends can already know, HiFi headphones like to add a lot of factors to the sound, rendering more like ears like headphones. Monitor headphones as if the sound Of the beats solo useless factors removed, giving the most loyal voice. In fact, from the sound, whether it is listening to headphones or HiFi headphones, are to enhance the sound on a certain frequency , While in the band to enhance a part of the sound, the rest of the band will inevitably be reduced, and the frequency response is the adjustment of HiFi headphones and headphones before the distinction between the true meaning of the main, but many of the actual use of the case, HiFi headphones or according to different use of the environment to determine. Since what is listening and HiFi headphones, and explain the difference between, then the two headphones can be used interchangeably?

From the perspective of music appreciation, listening to the headset to listen to music is not so desirable, middle and low monitor headphones in the entire frequency of regulation too much, many are only suitable for a number of specifically for its adjustment of music and high-end listening The headphones will be too much of the shortcomings of your equipment, the overall listening experience has been missing, and if in some professional areas using HiFi headphones, then listen to the sound caused some misunderstanding, mainly due to HiFi headset sound and dye caused by Beats Headphones On Sale heavier, which marks the professional field is now even after a long time, or listen to the headphones of the world.Second high-end monitor the high impedance of the headset, the user needs a larger power-driven equipment, In the low-end civilian equipment does not have the ability to output such as if you want to use the monitor in the low-end equipment, headphones, then you should choose some home to calculate the audio workstation as the core of the home studio designed to monitor the headset The