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Dare beats by dr dre to listen to beats headphones this headset, a "poisonous" voice will be fascinated?

As the experience of audio products increasing, only to find themselves increasingly aware of the lack of audio products, what three units four units, what circle Ferrite ring, what Diaphragm plug and so on, to me is a brand new world. Fortunately, however, with the deepening of audio products, especially headset products, ears are increasingly picky, basically listen Beats By Dre On Sale to a few times you can roughly know the difference between headphones. Although the outer packaging is all black + red and white dotted, but open the outer box, inside the headset, silicone earmuffs, accessories patchwork placed Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones in their respective locations, the visual sense of a grade. If you can standard instructions, warranty cards and other paper documents, folders, anti-winding storage straps, I believe this headset user experience and grade will be a higher level. Out of the color of the design, but also from the side that Ya day technology in the field of industrial design headsets. Its non-standard, after a special process cavity design, it is after I heard, I think this is where its charm.

Circle iron, moving coil headphones, elegant day ceramic unit, moving coil unit, etc. are designed in the headset, and the use of metal casing. For our different contours of the left and right ears, the tilt of the headphone cavity is also different from the night can be blindly worn at the same time, Accor is still in the back of the headset with English logo to distinguish between left and right ear wear. In the past, most of the earmuffs are not dirty, this should be elegant timber, wear a few days down, dirt more satisfied with me, the music player to stop playing, up and down, etc. are by pressing the following, and even Press 23 to achieve, while the built-in noise-canceling microphone provides clear hardware support for voice calls.