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Can not think of, headphone play a new tricks

Headphones, no longer just a simple beats earbuds tool for listening to songs, especially for earphone enthusiasts, each type of headset has its own special features and uses, bringing the sound quality is also completely different . What features would you like to pay attention to when choosing a headset? Then we beats headphones introduce several different strengths of the headset, to see if you can meet the functional needs of the headset yet. Listen to the name you know, not by ear to listen, but through the skull vibration sensor sound, so long wear songs also do not feel the ears are not comfortable, causing hearing loss and other ordinary headphones will bring the problem. The volume is also very thin, weighs only 52g, will not increase the weight of the skull, the use of magnetic charging method, fast and safe charging convenient, after the use of memory selection titanium memory material, can automatically restore the original shape, Sound quality is not lost other headphones Oh. Cheap Beats Headphones" href="/">Cheap Beats Headphones Specially designed for sports headphones, ear-cap style shark fin design, material selection of silicone, soft and comfortable, close to the ear canal, whether it is running or a variety of fitness exercises, all will not fall.

Compared with ordinary headphones, greatly enhance the wearing comfort and stability, professional IPX4-class waterproof, sweat is not afraid of exercise, the wire also uses an oxygen-free copper wire, with multiple protection, while listening to music while moving Motivated. The first two models are mainly the appearance of the headset unique, the latter two mainly from the sound quality has changed, professional HiFi-level tuning to meet the high quality audio enthusiasts. Coupled with dual-channel catheter output design, feel the perfect stereo sound, in addition to sound quality, the design is also very bright, classic collection of cut hollow shape, full of personality, remote control, Bluetooth two modes at any time to switch. Can be said that this is a headset born with the live broadcast, active noise reduction, whether listening to music or recording, the sound is more pure, Cheap Beats Headphones can eliminate most of the noise from the outside world, compatible with a variety of electronic devices, ready to enter immersion mode. Headset with the whole point to the wheat design, pickup sensitive, the range is also more broad, so that live the little sister brother little brother full of full of sound, headset line memory metal material, free to bend, do not worry about breaking, love live K song Partners can enter one.