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Bluetooth is not as good as wired sound quality? After reading it finally understood

The notion that Bluetooth is not as Beats By Dre On Sale" href="/">Beats By Dre On Sale good as wired sound quality seems to have become a subconscious, but with the rapid development of Bluetooth technology, the gap has gradually narrowed.

However, as a young man of a new era, we must also be reasonable when we go out to speak with others. Then we ask the students to prepare paper and pen and plan to focus.

First of all, we need to know that the phrase Bluetooth is not as good as wired is for whatever reason.

We all know that Bluetooth Cheap Beats Headphones technology is not connected by wire, and all are transmitted through digital signals. Then the channel between them is called bandwidth.

In "Ancient Time", although everyone's bandwidth is the same, but helpless and audio file size is too large, so the playback device will compress the audio file in the Bluetooth transmission, and then transmitted to the headset.

Just as it would be impossible for you to insert a whole elephant into a refrigerator, we would cut the elephant and put the useful "essential" parts in the fridge and throw it "useless". Drop it.

The problem that this brings is that the original audio file is 10MB, but it may only be 3MB when Bluetooth is transferred Cheap Beats By Dre to the headset. Cheap Beats Headphones The audio details will be greatly reduced, and naturally it will be less HiFi.

Moreover, in the case of the "old-fashioned" Bluetooth technology is not perfect, the playback device will first transfer the audio file to the headset, and then decoded by the headset, and this step also brings a certain amount of delay.

The possible result is that when watching the video, people's pictures have finished saying, I may have just had a voice here (although some exaggeration, but in general), but now the Bluetooth headset has basically solved this problem. .