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Bluetooth Headset Use Frequently Asked Questions

Bluetooth headset general use: first confirm whether the headset power, generally 2 hours charge is appropriate. Turn on the power and press the call button for 3-5 seconds to enter the pairing mode (usually the headset will flash), enter the phone or other connected device, turn on Cheap Beats By Dr Dre the Bluetooth option, search for Bluetooth devices such as PLT_ XXX, click device Name to connect. To enter a password, enter 0000.

There are three categories of valid ranges for Bluetooth connectivity, namely, the maximum connection range of 100 meters, 10 meters and 1 meter. Integrated product features, power consumption and user needs, these three types of connections were used in different products. Consumer Bluetooth headset products, the current market, most of the Bluetooth headset products, the effective connection distance of 10 meters. How many phones are used at the same time? The current support for multi-point Bluetooth headset can only be achieved at the same time to connect two mobile phones, single single answer, high-end products can be Cheap Beats By Dr Dre achieved by reading the user's mobile phone address book, broadcast caller name, and voice command function, the user simply say "Answer" or "Ignore" to answer or reject the call, to achieve the true sense of the hands-free call control.

How to use the Bluetooth headset on the computer to listen to songs and voice chat? Bluetooth headset is mainly targeted at mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices, such as tablet PCs. The product also supports laptops with Bluetooth chips or an external Bluetooth adapter, but compatibility issues may occur during use.

How to identify high imitation and original Bluetooth headset? Users are advised to purchase products with original warranty at regular business. Regular manufacturers will be in all the original Bluetooth headset products posted on the anti-counterfeit stickers, beats earphones users can buy products in the anti-counterfeit label surface, landing the official website, enter the product identification code for product authenticity.

What are the parameters that need to be noticed when purchasing a Bluetooth headset? Headphone type (monaural / stereo), the style and color of the product, the Bluetooth version, the effective transmission range of the headset, the way of wearing, the battery life, the product function, the anti-noise performance (refer to the number of headphone microphones) and accessories.