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Bluetooth headset how to use them all have what kind of specifications

Bluetooth headset is to make our trip to listen to music more convenient to watch movies digital device, it not only makes our bag less headphone wire winding trouble, but also when listening to music more comfortable and convenient. Do you know its use and specifications? For the first time, try to headphone 2-4 hours or so, then charge 2 hours, according to the instructions of the operation, it is best not to exceed 4 hours, be sure to charge 24 An hour's argument is unfounded. Click the phone settings Bluetooth settings, select "open" to complete. This opens up the phone's Bluetooth support. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the multi-function button MFB for more than 3 seconds until the blue indicator on the headset is on (attention is always on, the pairing process is always on, not flashing or off), and the Bluetooth headset is at Can be found status. Open the Bluetooth option on the phone to find, after the successful search to the headset will display the Bluetooth headset model on the list, confirm. 5, enter the password on the phone (0000), the beats by dre headphone indicator blinks quickly, that is, the pairing is successful. Click the Bluetooth headset name item: open, select the binding. Complete, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset. At beats earbuds this moment, the mobile phone may have a "Ding Dong" beep sound like "usb" connected. When the bluetooth headset is turned off, the mobile phone may also have a similar prompt sound, so that it can determine whether the Bluetooth earphone and the mobile phone are properly connected.

Bluetooth Headset Specifications: HSP, HFP, A2DPA2DP (Advanced Audio Delivery Specifications) - Allows the transmission of stereo audio signals. (Much better quality than mono encryption for HSP and HFP). Determine the compatibility of the headset and the phone. The HFP format Bluetooth headset supports more complete functions of the mobile phone, and the consumer can simultaneously operate the settings of the mobile phone on the headset, such as redial, incoming call reservation, incoming call rejection, and other hands-free option functions. In addition, consumers purchase Bluetooth products, often encounter how to choose Bluetooth technology version of the Beats Headphones On Sale problem, Bluetooth version is different, related to the quality of the received signal, the new version more emphasis on noise interference can be overcome, and all the latest versions of Bluetooth are designed to be down Compatible with all previous versions, 2.0 version of the device and version 1.1 are also free to connect, 3.0 compatibility is relatively strong, is a more mature Cheap Beats By Dre technology, and Bluetooth 4.0 is also compatible with the older version of the lower version, but also because of the battery life technical tips Increase, consumers should measure the price and demand when purchasing.